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Matific Galaxy Review

Matific is multi awarding winning company. The company is geared towards grades K-6. The curriculum is fully aligned with national math standards. Matific is unique because it’s designed to reduced anxiety math and build confidence. Kids move at their own pace so their is no pressure to hurry and master a skills.

We have tried many online platforms in the past and the all were lacking in some areas and eventual my son lost his interest. With Matific Galaxy my son has continued to ask to sign on, there is a interactive parent and student dashboards. The student dashboard has several different planets. Each planet concentrates on target skill level such as money, geometry, counting, addition and subtractions. The child will engage in 6 activities on each planet they must show mastery of each skill before they are are allowed to move on to the next planet skill. There is a bad guy alien that shows up and gives the kids that competitive edge to keep playing.

The company recommends that students play a minimum of 45 minutes a week 3 days a week. My son has been playing on average 45mins-60 mins a week. The parent dashboard is one of the best I have ever seen in a learning platform. The platform offers parents a clear diagnostic of what my son has been working on and exactly what he needs more practice. The Parent zone breaks down each area the of skill and assigns a percentage for each skill and then an overall percentage for all area assessed. The company gave us subscription that allows me to be able to have my son work at multiple grade levels. For the summer I decided to have him work the 1st grade level 2 days a week and 2nd grade 1 day a week. Having him do this and using the parent dashboard has allowed me to see what I need to concentrate on more this summer to help him be prepared for his 2nd grade math curriculum.

One the areas I know my son needs improvement is counting money and making change. One of the planet games has area where the kids are at a movie theater and they are buying snacks and other treats my son really loved this activity. I loved the fact that it was combining real life lessons in a fun way. I have defiantly seen an improvement in my son money skills while he has been playing Matific Galaxy. This would be a great resource for parents to use year round because it really helps your students to stay on top of their math skills and improve them.

So lets talk cost for a single grade is $19.99 for 70 plus activities for a full K-6 access (I recommend) the cost is $39.99 for 500+ activities this cost is per student for the year. There is sibling discount of 25% for larger families. The platform is available on desktop and Apple Store and Google Play. This is a great math program for your student, you can also try out it for free with limited game access as well. I highly recommend you try it out today!

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