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Homeschool Rewind!

It’s been a while since I have just written a blog piece that wasn’t a review in a long time, but 2022 means new things for our homeschool journey. For the last 4 years, we have been eclectic homeschoolers. I bought the curriculums and wrote out elaborate homeschool lessons. Then in October I started to feel burnt out and observed my son was just not his usual cheerful self and we butting heads a lot when it came to getting lessons completed. Seeing my now unhappy 4th grader I started to examine what was going wrong without homeschool.

Unkownglingy after careful observation our homeschool was starting to turn into the one thing I hated and promised myself I wouldn’t do, we were doing “school at home”!!! How did we get here? We weren’t playing games anymore… hands-on learning opportunities were still present but opportunities were few. Then it was the curriculum I had chosen curriculum that wasn’t interesting and just busywork. What had I done to our homeschool? How could I get things back to our happy place?

The first thing I did was sit down with my son and talk with him. I was shocked at how unhappy he was with our current homeschool situation, I promised him that we would get things back on track. Luckily I kept all of my previous planners and I opened them up and started to examine our previous years. After looking over the planners, I ordered a new planner because I wanted a fresh start. I needed to start fresh and our current planner for the school year was a constant reminder to me of what I had done to our homeschool. I looked over our curriculum and took the advice of a good friend on Youtube and made four piles:

  • Summer Review!
  • Stretch for 5th and 6th grade!
  • Donate/Sell!
  • You were nuts buying this!

After doing a curriculum check I had to do a mental check, we desperately needed to include mindfulness back into our homeschool day. I personally was suffering from weekly headaches and anxiety. My son was also starting to show signs of anxiety because we were just not starting our day peacefully but rushing. So I purchased us some new meditation cards, My 52 List Project, and 52 List Calm. I also picked up a few books for executive functioning and a workbook for gifted kiddos.

I also slowed our pace down for doing actual homeschool lessons. We now operate on 3-4 lessons independently and then the ones that require more 1:1 we do in the afternoon. I am making it a point to meal plan again and prepare 3 meals a week that can stretch for 2 days and the 1 day is a fun meal! I pulled out our Kid Stir, Raddish Kids kits and dedicated one afternoon a week lunch to us cooking together. While revamping our homeschool I noticed we had a significant amount of games that still had their wrapper on them. I pulled all those new games out and put them in the forefront.

I looked over our curriculum and noticed we were doing a lot of repetitiveness in lessons. Now I am well aware that there is going to be review in many curricula, but what I saw was we were truly repeating stuff my son had fully mastered. So I am taking a hard look and decided that I would make some big changes for 2022-2023, we would move towards the 5th/6th-grade curriculum. After all, his math was already 5/6th and he is working well above 4th/5th-grade in language arts, geography, history, and science. So why am I boring him to pieces with repetitive lessons he has mastered. I will continue to analyze his lessons and add support where needed. It was time for a major change and to offer him lessons that work for him and that he loves.

I think what help me validate my decision was watching my good friend Erica over at the Melanated and Well Educated 2022-2023 curriculum choices video. My son is a huge Mrs. Erica fan he studied her video and made his own list of things he liked from the video. He also let me know he wants me to get books about anatomy and physiology and cardiac science because he wants to learn all he can about the heart. With the sincerity and excitement in his voice, I knew he was ready to shift his learning. Little J is looking to expand his knowledge beyond the standard curriculums I was considering. He wanted to see even more of his ancestry in his lessons, my child is wanting to be fulfilled and I needed to pour into his cup.

So many changes have taken place these last few weeks that I know will make our homeschool more of what we both want. Be on the lookout for our 2022-2023 Curriculum Choices and Summer Review Choices!

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Brave Writer Arrow: Amari and the Night Brothers Review

Complimentary product received through Melanated Gold Review Squad!

This year I was confident in my choices for grammar and writing until mid-August when I started to notice my son was less than enthused about his lessons. Observing his lack of enthusiasm I started to think we may need a change. We have used the same curriculum for the last 2 years and he has a pretty solid foundation in grammar, but writing is still a work in progress. I was thrilled when the opportunity to review Brave Writer Arrow Amari and the Night Brothers was made available to our family. So here we are taking the leap and using Brave Writer Arrow and we are loving it.

About Brave Writer

Brave Writer uses a Charlotte Mason-inspired approach to teach grammar and writing. The goal is to continue to strengthen the parent and child bond by creating a safe environment to learn and work at their own pace. Brave Writer programs are designed to be the complete opposite of the traditional learning style of grammar and writing. Brave Writer supports the whole child and lets them be in control of the process with the parent gently leading them. Brave Writer program believes students go through different stages of writing and each stage deserves respect and students should only progress when they are ready for the next stage. The growth stage of writers are :

Jot It Down

Partnerships in Writing

Faltering Ownership

Transition to Ownership

Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation

The growth stages start at ages 5-18 years old and students will work on mechanics and literature through online classes or using one of the product packets such as Arrow.


Arrow is a digital year-long writing and grammar program for students ages 11-12. Families can purchase the entire year’s bundle and each month you will receive the Literature Arrow guide or you can purchase individually. With your purchase, you will receive the Arrow guidelines and the literature guide. The Arrow guideline teaches you how to present the literature guide. Arrow literature guides cover spelling, literary elements, writing activity, punctuation, and grammar, each monthly lesson is paired with a novel. Each week the lesson directly correlates with the novel. The monthly lessons are divided into 4 weeks, which include vocabulary, dictation, and grammar. The guides also come with discussion questions, a planner, a skills tracker, and book party ideas. There are 10 Arrow guides for a complete school year older guides are available to purchase, but new books are added every year.

We teach both parents and kids how to build a partnership in writing that leads to both creative expression and academic success, all while preserving the parent-child bond.

Brave Writer

Our Review

Amari and the Night Brothers have been on our list to read since it was released so I was super excited to have a literature, grammar, and writing guide to pair with it. At first look, I knew I had to sit down and prepare for working with a non-traditional way of teaching grammar and writing. The biggest issue had was letting go of my thinking of how grammar and writing are taught. Once I was able to release this way of thinking it made the transition easier. My son and I decided we would both read and listen to the book. I really enjoyed the cultural context section it gives background information on the novel, this little information was really nice and helped us better connect to the book because we are actually living 20 mins away from the Atlanta area.

Arrow is really the complete opposite of a traditional grammar and wiring curriculum, I was expecting to see some worksheet practice sheets and a huge writing assignment for this novel. I was blown away because what expected was not what I received. The Arrow guide gives you a quick start that instructs you to read the Arrow Guidelines. The Arrow Guidelines are key to understanding how to implement the Arrow program, not reading these will confuse you about the literature Guide. The guide also gives you sample routines and it is where you will find the Arrow Skills Trackers and Our Week With Arrow.

The Spin and Spiral told me exactly what we were going to be covering in this month’s literature guide. I pulled a couple of extra supplements, just in case. I was blown away by how Brave Writer uses a novel to teach grammar, in a million years I would have never thought to pull passages out of a book and examine the grammar components. My son was introduced to writing and literary elements such as how to indent, first-person narratives, and dialogue, and much more over the 4 weeks. The grammar areas are highlighted in what Brave Writer calls Spotlights, we found the grammar sections a welcomed review of concepts he has covered previously. What I did appreciate is that I was able to identify some areas of his grammar that he needed more practice on.

Students will tackle:

  • Proper Nouns
  • Commas
  • Conjunctions
  • Idioms
  • Pronouns
  • Parallel Structure and much more

What I like about Brave Writer is that my son and I were having meaningful conversations about the book and we talked about grammar in a new way that he was really thriving and loving. He asked several times mom can we do Brave Writer over his current language arts curricula. I begin to see both of our frustration and stress levels come all the way down while using Arrow. We went from fighting over getting his lesson done to letting us just talk, drink tea, and enjoy each as we learn.

Dication for us is something new we haven’t done much of this type of writing before so we took things very slow and I assured him that we weren’t in a rush and we are both learning how to do things. I did the first dication for him just to show him how. We did 1-2 sentences at a time so he didn’t feel overwhelmed moving forward. We did modify a few things to make it work for us, we used highlighters to highlight the grammar and literary elements in the literature guide. My son didn’t want to mark up his book and I was okay with this. I also printed my son his own the literature guide, I used mine on my tablet but I did have the Arrow guidelines printed out for myself.

Parent Involvement

By now you may realize that parent involvement is a necessity for the Brave Writer Arrow curriculum. The program does require the parent to be their child’s partner in this process. That brings me to the Brave Writer Partnerships in Writing growing writers stage one of the most overlooked stages according to the Brave Writer website. “Your child shows growing proficiency in handwriting, reading, and spelling, but still finds the hard work of transcription tiring if asked to write for more than a few minutes.” We didn’t receive this to review, but after using the Amari and the Night Brothers Arrow, I feel that this is something we will need in order for us to continue forward with the Arrow curriculum.

Final Words

We really like Brave Writer Arrow Amari and the Night Brothers, my son has requested to do this over his current language arts curricula. We have put what we were using on the shelf and have moved on to the November 2021 Brave Writer Arrow Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids. I will be looking into Partnerships in Writing for us as well. It has been so nice to have a great month of learning and enjoying our time together making memories. At the time of this review for the full program is $129 or $14.95 per literature guide (includes Arrow guidelines). To learn more about Brave Writer programs please click the banner below to read more of the Melanated Gold Review Squad reviews.

Social Media

Facebook-Brave Writer – Home

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/juliebravewriter/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/BraveWriter

Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/bravewriter/_created/

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Tommy Nelson Books: Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith Review!

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

As part of our morning time together my son and I have been reading Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith from Tommy Nelson Books. As a 4th grader he is becoming more aware of world issues and social dynamics. I am also trying to foster an environment of open communication and build his self-esteem.

Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith is a great little devotional book for students for Christians and non-Christians. Each of the lessons comes a quick little story, that does reference scripture and then you have a Did You Know or Get Ready to Roar section. The Did You Know the kids will learn stuff from history and the Get Ready to Roar gives the kid missions to help build their confidence so they can tactile things they may come their way.

Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith encourages students to try something new, facing fears. The book also covers topics such as :

  • Peer Pressure
  • Bullying
  • Facing fears with friendship and school

One of the lessons I refer to when my son is frustrated when doing his school work and making mistakes is lesson 27 Goofs, Mistakes and Mess-Ups. My son gets really angry and frustrated when he isn’t getting a concept or making mistakes. We have a motto in our house “Mistakes are proof we are trying”, sometimes that works but there are times when it doesn’t and we have to reset. Lessons 27 really solidified what I have been trying to get him to understand. Lesson 31 Who You Really Are has been great for us to reference these days as we continue our journey through developing a healthy growth mindset and him starting to learn more about himself.

My son likes to use the Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith along side when he is using his journal. Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith book is colorful, friendly, and has a culturally diverse illustration. This is a really nice book if you are looking to cover some the issues kids may be experiencing as they grow.

Be sure to check out the other crew’s reviews of Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith by clicking the banner below.

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World Watch Review!

DISCLAIMER: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

We have been watching WORLD Watch videos on Fridays as part of our current events. WORLD Watch was given to us to review with the crew. We received a six-month subscription for the whole family.

WORLD Watch is a online news program meant for families. WORLD Watch provides news coverage of current events. Events are updated throughout the week. You can watch video coverage of these events.

“WORLD Watch is a video current events program designed for students that develops critical thinking, biblical discernment, and news literacy.”

We watched videos about the Olympics and most recently we watched a video about hurricane Ida outage. It was nice to see a nice of variety of news coverage around the world. There are some political coverage in the videos. My son was intrigued by the triceratops coverage in Paris France and this is from a kiddo that isn’t a huge dinosaur fan.

WORLD Watch videos average about 5-10 mins and they cover single topics or variety of news coverage. We did see videos that offered viewpoints from christian prospective. I personally prefer not to see religion mixed with news. I would have also liked to have seen news reporters that were diverse especially those who are covering more ethnic regions.

WORLD Watch not only covers current events there are also topics that are historical. My son also found interesting the coverage of Nairobi, Kenya about the issues that the hearing and death community having issues with masking wearing that doesn’t allow them to read mouths.

WORLD Watch does have bloopers at the end of the videos that we found to be funny. If you are looking for a clean current events news outlet that allows for the entire family to watch this is a good option. The religious focus isn’t heavily present in the videos but you will hear and see some mentions.

Be sure to check out the other crew’s reviews of WORLD Watch by clicking the banner below.

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Everybody, Always for Kids Review!

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Over the last few weeks we have been transitioning our homeschool into our summer routine. What better way to swap out our morning readings with Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich.

The last 5 months we have been focusing on growth mindset and kindness. Everybody, Always for Kids has been a welcome addition to our journey. The stories in the book focus on kindness, service and empathy. Children are able to easily relate to the different lessons being taught in the stories.

Everybody, Always for Kids is written from the prospective of the Christian faith but I can honestly say that families of non-Christian faith will find the stories not intrusive and really just teaching the children to be kind to others and acts of service. I found the book very culturally inclusive. Diversity is one of the things I look for in books and we were very happy to see children and families of all ethnic backgrounds in the book as well as characters visiting other countries. Everybody, Always for Kids is a hardcover book with bright vibrant, glossy and sturdy pages.

Everybody, Always for Kids also includes a lesson plan which is fabulous. There are 5 lessons included in the lesson plan. Each lesson comes with :

  • Objective
  • Activity
  • Supply list
  • Lesson steps
  • Discussion questions

We did lesson 5 The Oaks Garden for Earth week and revisited the frog life cycle. My son really likes Everybody, Always for Kids he has been reading it the last few weeks on his own and we talk about what he has read. One story that stood out for us was Chapter 7 Building Schools it taught a lesson about gratitude and a little about the country of Afghanistan and the need for building schools for girls. As a mom Chapter 6 My Bucket also rang home for me about filling my own bucket something I dont do enough and I like the idea of having a real bucket and writing things I need to fill it with. This visual bucket is something I plan to do do not just for myself but for all of us.

We did not read the the book in order I let him read the stories that peeked his interest. The stories are short and they keep his interest and he enjoys them. We will continue to read through the rest of the book and look forward to any new of Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich series.

At the time of this review the cost for Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich is $10.27 for the hardcover on Amazon. We really like this book and recommend it if you are looking to add some positive literature for your students. Be sure to check out the other Crews reviews on Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich by clicking the banner below.

Until the next time

Mom and J

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Fermentools Starter Kit Review!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

By now everyone in the world has been faced with having to shelter in to limit there exposure to Covid-19. While adjusting to this new way of life I have found myself doing more canning and food perservation. I have been wanting to try fermenting foods so I was excited to review the Starter Kit from Fermentools. I am pretty good with canning jams and vegetables but fermenting is something entirely new process for me.

The the Starter Kit from Fermentools is a easy at home kit that doesn’t require much skill and know how or a bunch of special equipment. The Starter Kit from Fermentools comes with a stainless steel lid, glass fermentation weight, air lock, 2 rubber stoppers, Himalayan powdered salt and instructions. The process just need your size of wide mouth glass jar of choice depending on what your you are fermenting and patience. The Starter Kit from Fermentools comes with a basic sauerkraut recipe but for this review we did something a little different.

My family isnt a huge fan of sauerkraut so I decided that we would make Pineapple Tepache. We use the beverage recipe from the Fermentools Tepache A Feremented Beverage. My son LOVES Kombucha I knew he would love tepache. I grew up drinking tepache, the Starter Kit from Fermentools make this childhood favorite beverage super easy and tasty to make.

The process took all of 5 days to make I started it with my son on a Sunday so it would be ready on Friday for family movie night. We spent the week learning about why its important to grow our own food and food preservation and whats happens to food during the fermenting process. The next few times we made Pineapple Tepache my son pretty much did it himself with very little help from me.

The cost of the Starter Kit from Fermentools at the time of this review is $21.49 plus applicable tax and shipping. This a great way to start your fermenting journey with your family the possibilities are endless and its easy to do. The Fermentools website is full of great recipes to get you started along with the enclosed instruction book.

Fermentools are giving your readers a 15 % discount coupon valid from now until June 30th. The coupon code is: Crew2020. Be sure to check out the other Crews reviews of the Starter Kit from Fermentools by clicking the banner below.

Until the Next Time,


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Homeschool Update Reality Check!

Every year social media homeschoolers across all platforms upload their new curriculum vlogs, blogs and pictures. Some videos will blow you away because it’s sooo much stuff. These moms have taken their time researched and planned but the reality is these are their choices not their kiddos because I am almost 90% sure that at some point in the year the kids will change it up. I mean let’s face it I uploaded my video also but quickly soon after that video went up I started removing over 50% of the choices out of our routine.

In October I took a long hard look at all my previous years of homeschooling and what we were currently doing. I asked myself one quick question…ARE YOU NUTS? There is no way in the entire planet you are going to use majority of this stuff. I instantly stopped purchasing stuff and re-evaluated exactly what my kiddo was really using and the rest of this junk had to GO!!

So here is my update we don’t use Horizon Math Grade 2 anymore. I love Horizon math and it did give my son a solid foundation, he just fell out of love with it. I made me peace with his decisions and moved on. I have said in many of my vlogs and blogs I DON’T CURRICULUM HOP! Horizons has been faithful to us since kindergarten, but I quickly noticed his frustration in September and put it on the shelf. Abeka math has always been my next go to for math and I purchased Arithmetic 2 in July. He is thriving in Abeka Arithmetic 2 and Beast Academy 2 series (part of co-op) . He is happy and so is mommy problem solved.

We also are no longer using The Good and the Beautiful level 2. We have been using TGAB since book K, but I quickly noticed that level 2 was almost a complete duplicate of level 1 with some additional skills added. I didn’t need a repeat of the previous year because my kid has a very good memory and he wasn’t having it. He is really loving using Grammar Galaxy Volume 2 Protostar with his co-op and Evan Moor Language Fundamentals Grade 3 so we said goodbye to TGAB.

History we have been using Curiosity Chronicles series and following his lead. For African studies we are currently studying the Negro League Baseball teams. Science is interest led, he finished his 2nd grade science curriculum over the summer and I wasn’t about to throw another penny at a science curriculum until July 2020 and even then its not looking good. We have also rekindled our love for Sassafras Science series and been zip lining our way through science and interest led studies.

We have been having fun going to co-op 2 days a week and just letting his homeschool take us where he wants it. I teach those 2 days a week at his co-op and I have really been enjoying the kiddos and having some adult interaction this year. I am not in a rush to finish out this school year because we homeschool year round. We spend our days talking, gameschooling, researching, exploring and working as a team. We still have a daily routine and a work box system. My planner is still planned to the MAX each week but my new highlighting system is working out great.

I am not spending a bunch of money on unnecessary items any more. I have purged my home of all items that are for 1st grade and below. I no longer hold on to stuff to make my shelves look full or pretty. I heavily research homeschool items that will serve a purpose for the long term. I also no longer purchase tons of books. Yup I said it I am not hoarding books especially books that are about the same subject. I only buy books that have a long term purpose or books he really loves. We use the library for our literary needs and it is working out perfectly. My son loves our unit studies and hands on activities, but now I am using better common sense. Now when planning these things out I think about the long term use of these items so I am not hoarding.

If you follow me on Little Learner and Mom Instagram page and here on the blog I do review products. Let me tell you right now every product I have reviewed on my blog or shown on my social media platforms have been put into rotation and those we don’t use I use with my co-op kiddos. I am so over seeing all these hoarding videos, let just call it what it is HOARDING and the “Look at me syndrome” or “Let me see how many followers I can get”. We homeschool because this is what is right for my family and if some of what I am doing can help a mom in need I hope we are a blessing to her.

We are completely authentic in our homeschool journey. My son has days when he isn’t in the best of moods and on those days I am like forget it lets play Switch. My homeschool room sometimes looks like a train hit. I am consider myself an organized person and as I write this piece my desk looks like a tornado also hit it. I do like things in order but I am not about to tell you that everything is perfect over here. I have days when I want to pull my hair out. My son has areas he struggles in and I am not afraid to say it. We are pretty much straightforward homeschoolers with a sprinkle of unschooling.

So this is my update we are doing great over here thriving and moving through life one day at a time. We are making positive changes in our homeschool that have made us all happier as a family.

Until the Next Time,

Mom and J

FTC Disclaimer The majority of products featured on my blog have been purchased by me. At any time a product has been provided to me by a company for a review or as an affiliate or I enter into a partnership with a company. I will disclose it in the video and/or description. Amazon affiliate links are provided for your convenience at no additional charge to you. All opinions and reviews that I share are always entirely my own.

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Dyslexia Gold Review!!

“Some links may contain affiliate links. This does not change the cost to you, but helps me keep this blog running.”

Dyslexia Gold generously provided us with a family license and to Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle. This is an engaging program for children who have dyslexia. There are not many online programs that are geared to children who have dyslexia and that is why Dyslexia Gold is unique in its design. The platform is child focus and evidence based learning.

My son does not have dyslexia , but we found this program to be of great use for him for providing him more practice with his reading fluency, spelling and math. The slowed down pace and the auditory components are wonderful. The Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle included Engaging Eyes, Fluency Builder, Spelling Tutor and Times Table Tutor. Each of the platforms has student reporting so parents can adjust and review what their students have been working on and how they are improving.

We have been working a lot in the Spelling Tutor that is an area my son needs the most work in these days. I love how the Spelling Tutor has the students to grab a paper and pencil and then they listen to the auditory and then they correct their sentence. The spelling tutor works on sentence structure spelling and grammar, the program using dictation as a way to teach spelling.

The Engaging Eyes area ask the kids to focus on an object and track it. Now if you have a younger reader you know sometimes they have a tendency to get distracted by pictures on a page they are reading then they stall with their reading have to track back. The engaging eyes helps improve this issue in both they child with dyslexia and the child without it. I have seen improvement in my sons reading over time he isn’t as distracted when reading.

The Fluency Builder is excellent, I mean that will all seriousness my son has been flying through books since he has been using the fluency builder and his reading comprehension is even sharper. The Fluency builder also works on phonics, speed and segmenting. The struggling reader and dyslexic child will definitely see great improvements.

The Times Tables Tutor is a life saver. We have worked a little on beginners times tables but nothing concrete. I was a little apprehensive about letting him try it out , but to my surprise my son LOVES MULTIPLICATION! He said this made it easier for him to understand and it was fun practicing . I think one the things that made this easy for him is that the program uses legos to teach the students the concept.

So here is the breakdown, parents will see improvement of 12 months if students use the program on average of 10 hours a month playing 15 mins per day. The program is geared towards ages 7 to 11 years that are at least 1 year behind. The program as I have said can be used with struggling readers and those who would like to review skills. The program was created for children who have dyslexia.

The cost of Dyslexia Gold is discounted by 20% for Homeschoolers. Our family was given the Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle family license. Dyslexia Gold also offers a Dyslexia Screen Test at a low cost as well. If you have a child with dyslexia or even just struggling with reading I highly recommend checking out the Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle from Dyslexia Gold.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DyslexiaGold/

Be sure to check out the other Schoolhouse Crew Review members of Dyslexia Gold.

Until Next Time,


Crew Disclaimer

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SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review!


Today I am reviewing Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership. I am always on the hunt to find good solid learning resources that I can use as a supplement or as a curriculum for our homeschool. Schoolhouse Teacher offers parents the ease of having a solid curriculum and resources without all the hassle.

What you can expect from SchoolhouseTeachers.com this is an online product with downloadable, printable elements as well as online classes and video components. There are products for all ages and grades; including moms. You will find curriculum with lesson plans and an abundance of resources. You will have the assurance that all the core subjects, electives and unit studies are covered. I love unit studies and this is exactly what I was looking for to help me build my units.


This year is our math year and we concentrating heavily on mastering basic math skills. My son craves variety during math lessons. I am also looking for ways to keep math fresh and fun. The Everyday Games section for 1st-4th grade gave me a huge selection of games with lessons plans to keep things fun and both of us happy! As a homeschooling mom, a lot of our lessons tend to follow my son interest lesson. He loves science and he isn’t exactly on the 1st-grade science level he is more at 2nd and 3rd grade. I was relieved to find the science section work to our advantage. I was able to lesson plan at a higher level on certain subject areas instead of having to buy two sets of curriculum. He really enjoys the challenge and I really enjoyed the flexibility.

Flexibility is a huge advantage with SchoolhouseTeachers.com the Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership does not limit what grade level you have to work within. You are able you move around in all the levels that best fit your family. For large homeschool families, this may be a huge saving.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com is not just your typical curriculum website they have thought of everything. In the resource section, you will Monthly Menu ideas for your family. Talk about life and sanity saver because I don’t know how many times I have been at a lost with planning meals and adding variety to our rotation.

Speaking of resources I was amazed to find World Book digital available to families. If you aren’t familiar with World Book digital it’s a great platform that basically has taken the hard book resource and made them available in a digital platform, therefore, keeping them always up to date and offering interactive activities for students as young as Preschool.

The website also has an extensive video library that is stocked with wholesome and clean videos for curriculum and research purposes. They also have religious videos for children and religious study.

I am a planner and I like schedules there is a custom schedule builder also to help you, this is a major plus in my opinion. I also was impressed with the Achievement Certificate Library, there have been times in which I have wanted to award my son a special certificate for his lesson and Schoolhouse Teachers make this possible hassle free and at no additional cost.

So there you have it my review of this wonderful website. I feel like this website would be a great fit for families looking for hassle-free learning and everyday family life. at half the cost of purchasing box curriculum. I also feel like this is a good option for large families. Everything you need is right at your fingertips interested in getting your own membership here is a discount code for joining.  Discount Coupon Code:  CREWFOLLOWER

Be sure and click on the banner to visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to read more reviews of Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership.

Until the next,

Little Learner and Mom😊

SchoolhouseTeachers.com Quality Online Homeschool Resources {SchoolhouseTeachers.com Reviews}

SchoolhouseTeachers.com Quality Online Homeschool Resources {SchoolhouseTeachers.com Reviews}

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Our Day and a Life in Homeschooling!

I am seriously a type A person, I crave organization and planning. There is a huge issue with being a Type A person and homeschooling you have to be able to create balance for yourself and a relaxed learning environment for your student.

November Schedule

My day typically day starts at 5/5:30 am…with prayers and trying to collect my thoughts before the day jump starts. My son is up every morning by 6:30 am, I know yikes!! We spend some time talking and cuddling and then he gets up and gets dressed and makes his bed and plays. Breakfast is at 7/7:30 am while he eats and watches Arthur I clean the kitchen and check in with the hubby and take out dinner and prep his snacks for the day for him.

We keep it pretty simple for breakfast…I always make enough pancakes on Sunday for 3 days. After breakfast he brushes his teeth and does his chores and then starts his independent board work. I write his board work on the board after he goes to bed at night so it’s ready in the morning. While he does board work I check emails and do some work at the computer, chores and then I join him at the table.

Home School Time

This is how our day runs for home school we typically start at 9am!

We kick the day off with Math! Why you may ask? Math is the area of study we are really concentrating on this year. I needed this subject to be first because his mind is ready and sharp! Math is divided into 3 areas:

  • Hands On Activity
  • Review and Teach
  • Lessons
  • Math Fact Fluency

After math we have brain breaks!! Brain breaks can be listening to music dancing and acting silly or letting him hang out with GoNoodle Plus!!

Once we are done with brain breaks we move on to handwriting! Handwriting I rotate what he is working on throughout the week:

  • M-F Learning Without Tears
  • 1 day a week Journal
  • 2 days a week Spectrum Handwriting
  • Chalkboard review (this targets any letter that needs some support)
  • 1 day a week copy work

Reading and Language Arts are the areas that he breezes through super fast these days so I tend to leave this to the end of our morning! At some point between these subjects he grabs a snack! I like to break these areas down also:


  • Phonics cards (5 mins)
  • Sight Words (5 mins)
  • Spelling box (10-15 mins)
  • Daily lesson (30-40 mins some time less)

Language Arts

    Grammar work (10 mins)
    • Hands on activity (10- 30 mins)

Time for Lunch

During lunch we eat together and that’s when I do our read aloud. Sometimes I let him watch a show on PBS Kids or Netflix. During lunch we typically talk about what he wants to do in the afternoon. We clean up lunch and then we head outside for some fresh air or we go out and run errands.


Normally the afternoon is when we do our electives we rotate them, but as of lately he has been requesting to do them all especially science. He also has taken a liking to social studies. Geography and History are defiantly rotated throughout the week. He grabs a snack while doing these electives. Our electives take about 45 mins – 1hour to run through! By 2:30/3 pm we are done for the day!

The afternoons are also reserved for special interest activities and extra curricular activities and knowledge box, but typically he just does whatever he wants. He is a HUGE Osmo fan and loves to code!

His Time

The one thing I make sure I do every day is make sure I set aside at least 30-60 mins where him and I just play. Some days he doesn’t want to play together but he just wants me in the room with him just so we can talk and he can show me what he is working on or whatever he wants. I think this is an important aspect for our day because he gets to have me in his space on his own terms! Don’t get me wrong we play all day while doing school and talk but this time of the day is special for him because he is in charge.

Late Afternoon

Daddy is usually home and they hang out for a little or he plays and helps me with dinner. Once again Arthur is watched or Odd Squad these are his two favorite shows. He can’t watch them until he has done his 20 mins of required reading.

Early Evening

We always eat dinner as a family and talk about our day and do our High’s and Low’s. My son usually finishes up dinner before we do and he clears his plate and and puts his pajamas on unless it’s bath night. He heads back downstairs and helps me clean the kitchen while we groove out to 90’s R& B on Alexa Amazon Music!


Our bedtime routine has been pretty much the same since he was a baby! My son is usually in bed no later than 8pm and sleep by 8:15 pm. There are some rare occasion when Daddy is working late but on those days he Face-time us so he is still apart of this special time.

The one thing I have learned is to follow his lead. No day is perfect, I just pause and rewind, reevaluate and let go. If he is showing an interest in something I just let that interest direct our day. Are there areas we could improve in? Probably so, but the wonderful thing about choosing this path to be a homeschooler is we are not on a clock. I want to enjoy our time together and for him to continue to develop a healthy love for learning.

So I am keeping my type A personality in line and balancing what he needs as well. If that means I do laundry at night after he goes down that’s fine. If only 50% of the things in my planner gets done I have made my peace with it. My planner is only a blueprint and not the final design of our week.

There is no such thing as a perfect homeschool, I try to let my followers and friends know that we are far from perfect in this house. There are days the house could use a little more TLC and I could make that uploaded picture on my Instagram look blemish free, staged and photoshopped, but why? That’s not real it’s fake and it applies way too much pressure on new families who want to take on this journey.  I have decided to keep  it real I am doing the best I can to make it through this crazy life and doing what matters.

So, if you happen to catch us on Instgram or swing by our way on Facebook, feel free to reach out to me because I am never too busy to lend a helping hand or just need a coffee chat with a fellow mama. Enjoy your children and let go of perfect and make everyday count!

Until Next Time,

Little Learner and Mom