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Whistlefritz: Educator’s Spanish CollectionReview!

Disclaimer: Complimentary Product Received through the Homeschool Review Crew!

When my son was younger I had a bad habit of speaking Spanglish to him. While I do speak Spanish fluently my son still has a bad Spanglish habit. The Crew was given the opportunity to review Whistlefritz Educator’s Spanish Collection and Educator’s French Collection and we choose to review the digital Educator’s Spanish Collection.

My son already takes 1:1 Spanish classes with a wonderful Maestra who is located in Columbia. He meets with her 2 days a week for an hour. She is the real deal and we love her no English in her class is permitted. While he meets with her 2 days a week and she assigns homework. I wanted to also reinforce what he was learning in class and that’s where Educator’s Spanish Collection digital comes in.

Educator’s Spanish Collection is a fun at home Spanish program for kids preschool to early elementary they provide DVD or Digital language learning videos, music, and lessons plans. They also offer a free home educators guide for homeschoolers. The Educator’s Spanish Collection comes with:

  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Digitals Videos
  • Digital music
  • Matching cards

Whistlefritz is a language immersion program, your students are immediately introduced to the language. I personally prefer a total immersion approach I feel students pick up the language better. I also like that music is included in the program because when learning a new language it’s important that you not only immersed yourself into the language but also into the culture. It is was nice that the program has a native speaker doing the videos.

Whistlefritz Educator’s Spanish Collection is geared towards ages one to seven years old. I wish I had this program when my son was younger because I probably could have avoided his Spanglish habits. Now we used Educator’s Spanish Collection a little differently from how it was intended. Since we are Spanish speaking family I was more interested in my son working on his ability to and write Spanish. The 174 page educators guide was perfect for this practice. I decided to take the lessons and write them on our big board and he needed to fill in in the blanks in his notebooks, I also did dication practice and he had to write down what I was saying in his notebook and use the correct the vocabulary word.

Educator’s Spanish Collection videos are colorful and packed with tons of vocabulary. The use of puppets and children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds is a huge plus. The fun songs are easy to learn and enjoyable. I didn notice that the digital version only came with 4 sheets of the matching card game, but I am thinking this may be and error because there are suppose to be 50 cards. We used those cards we did have for vocabulary and I plan to reach out to the company to get the other cards.

I highly recommend Whistlefritz Educator’s Spanish Collection for younger students, the program provides a solid spanish beginning foundations. I love how the instructor speaks in Spanish naturally and at the correct pace. Some may find this difficult but this immersion stops the unnatural flow of the language. The progma is engaging and the 40 lessons provide parents with helpful ways to teach Spanish. Whistlefritz Educator’s Spanish Collection is geared to younger learners, but it works well for older students for learning a second language.

I did have my son watch a few of the videos that were in Spanish only. I did this because he is familiar with Spanish only and I am I trying to break those habits of Spanglish.

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Underdog Games Trekking The World Review!

Complimentary product received!

Have you ever wanted to travel around the world? Well, your family will get that opportunity while playing Underdog Games Trekking The World. It was a great honor to be able to try out this fabulous game and go on an exciting adventure right from the comforts of my own home. Trekking The World is for ages 10+, 30-60 mins gameplay, and for 2- 6 players.

From the moment you unpack this game, you are captivated by its bold and vivid colors. Trekking The World comes with :

  • 1 World Map Board
  • 48 Oversized Destination Cards
  • 5 Trekker Meeples (wooden)
  • 48 Souvenir Cubes (wooden)
  • 1 Custom Bag
  • 5 Suitcase Mats
  • Most Souvenir Tiles
  • 12 Journey Cards
  • 75 Trek Cards
  • 10 Region Bonus Tokens
  • 5 player Aids
  • 1 Score Pad (several sheets)

All of the items for the game can neatly be stored in the convenient box and game piece sorter. The game board and the pieces are made from sturdy cardboard and wood. The games come with complete instructions on how to play. If you don’t want to read through the instructions and need more of a visual approach to gameplay the company provides a step-by-step video link in the box and on the Trekking The World product description on the Underdog Games website.

I am a visual person when learning how to play new games so before we played as a family I watched the video so I knew how to set the board up properly. The video was great because I could stop and play as I needed. After I learned how to set up the board and play the game we set down as a family and watched the video and played. My son loved just exploring the board on the initial set-up. I let him flip through the beautiful “48 Oversized Destination Cards”. I noticed that once we finish playing the game as we were cleaning the game he separated several of the cards and asked if we could look these places up.

Trekking The World gameplay was easy for us once we got the hang of it. We played 3 times over the course of a week. I really loved how we could start the game on any continent then trek across the world. Trekking The World is not just a game for entertainment this game teaches geography, history, and cooperative learning. The game also gives you a great adventure of traveling the world.

I highly recommend this game be added to your homeschool geography gameschooling. If you are new to the gameschooling trend this would be a great way to add a geography game for the entire family.

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Excelerate Spanish Streaming Review!

Many homeschool families look to outside resources such as Excelerate Spanish Streaming from Excelerate Spanish to teach a foreign language. As a Spanish speaking family we have always felt it is important that our son learn to speak Spanish. He learned to speak and understand the language but the struggle is learning to write and read the language.

Excelerate Spanish Streaming is exactly what I have been looking for to give us the in class experience. Excelerate Spanish Streaming is a self paced so there is no rush to get lessons completed. You can watch the lessons receptivity if you need and pause and stop to answer questions. Each lesson is about 30-60 mins long and combines 90% immersion learning approach which is something that I feel is the key to learning a language best.

The teacher speaks clearly and she covers proper verb usage and annunciation. Students will learn how to write sentences, grammar and conversations. The teacher also demonstrates lessons using students and props. We used Excelerate Spanish Streaming videos lessons by lining them up to match the Spanish program we have been using. Pairing the streaming videos lessons were perfect because my son was able to interact and be apart of what looks like a traditional Spanish and it was nice that to have someone else doing the teaching beside myself. The language immersion teaching method I really like because I have a bad habit of speaking Spangilsh to my son which can be very confusing when you are trying to teach how to read and write a language. My son also like seeing and hearing the other children in the videos respond and learn along side him.

Excelerate Spanish Streaming can be used by the entire family and I would encourage a parents to learn along side their child if they are wanting to learn a new language as well. The website has helpful resources including games, flashcards and quizzes. Excelerate Spanish Streaming does have a student workbook ($16.95) which I would recommend if you would like to reinforce lessons learned. Excelerate Spanish Streaming is designed so your student will be able to speak Spanish fluently as well as write and read the language.

We received Excelerate Spanish Streaming 1 and 2 streaming video lessons which is a complete year of Spanish lessons at 24 lesson per session. Excelerate Spanish Streaming for levels 1 and 2 streaming cost $249 there is also an option for monthly cost of starting at $14.97. Families will receive unlimited personal support while using the program.

I recommend this program if your family is looking to learn Spanish, the lessons are well done and students will learn to speak Spanish and proper usage. Be sure to chek out the rest of the Crews reviews on Excelerate Spanish Streaming by clicking the banner below.

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