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Calvert Homeschool Online Review!

This year I was all set with our curriculum purchases and ready to start our new home school year in late July of this year. I had done my research and was positive that we had everything we needed. What I hadn’t planned on was my son wanting to jump into his 2nd grade science curriculum. So well this was an epic fail he blew through the entire science curriculum over the summer which left back at square one. To my luck the Crew was offered an opportunity to review Calvert Homeschool online subscription for Calvert Homeschool Online for grades 3rd-12th grade 6 month subscription.

If you are not familiar with Calvert Homeschool they provide printed homeschool curriculum for grades K-2 and mobile online curriculum for grades 3rd-12th grade. For this review I will be reviewing the Calvert Homeschool Online. The set up was pretty easy parents can assign work, check daily work and check the report. Assignments are self grading except for those assignments that are essay format. Parents receive updates when assignments need to be graded and also notifications when student miss assignments. Parents can easily adjust assignment as needed and review assignment questions and topics.

For us the science was a huge importance because at the time of this review we were just winging it. I started my son with the Science 300 which is 3rd grade science and the topic “You Grow and Change” . I was very much impressed with the depth of coverage in this area, Calvert Homeschool Online really goes into depth with the learning. My son was completely thrilled because this is something we struggled with other curriculum he wanted more information about what he was studying. Calvert Homeschool Online gives detailed lessons about what your child is study through information they can read to themselves or have read aloud to them from the platform. There are also instructional videos, games and experiments. Students are tested on their knowledge with brief quizzes, projects, test and essays that are graded. For the essay part I would have my son answer the question orally and I would record his answer and use this time to evaluate if he needed to redo lesson or I need to supplement.

Calvert Homeschool Online offers parents the flexibility to go at the child pace or interest in a lessons. I really liked the ability to be able to assign things in Science, Geography and History that we are covering as he shows interest and we move along in our homeschool year. I also like the ability knowing exactly that the information he is learning can be evaluated and I can printout his reports to slide into his home school portfolio without having a collage of papers. There is also flexibility of not having to do all the subjects at once you can select which ones you want to use.

So let me break down key points Calvert Homeschool Online

  • Mobile Comprehensive Online learning for grades 3rd-12th grade
  • Affordable
  • Self Paced Learning
  • Access to over 45 in depth courses
  • Covers Math, Science, Language Arts, Spelling, History and Geography 3rd-6th grade
  • 7th and 8th grade covers all of the above except Spelling and World Civilization (7th Grade)
  • 9th -12 grade also includes the core subjects and students will be able to study Government, Consumer Math, US and World History, Chemistry and Physics .
  • Lesson Planner, Parent Tracking, Self Grading, Automatic Report Card and Portfolio Builder
  • Single student cost is $39.95 a month or $399.95 for a year
  • Family cost up to 3 students $69.95 or $699.95

Calvert Homeschool Online is a comprehensive online homeschool program if your family is looking for a new curriculum. I feel like the family plan is a great plan for families homeschooling more than one student and need affordable option to homeschool. There is very little prep to be done and you can easily add in some hands on learning, gameschooling and unit study to add more to the lessons. The online dashboard is a great help to parents who are looking for low maintenance portfolio building and transcripts. We give Calvert Homeschool Online thumbs up.

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