Creating a Masterpiece: Art History Program Review!

Complimentary product received from the Homeschool Review Crew.

Over the last few months I have been teaching art class to some homeschool students virtually. Now that homeschool year is over and my students are enjoying their summers, I miss doing art weekly. When the Crew was presented the opportunity to review Creating A Masterpiece Art History Program I jumped at the opportunity to review the online art program.

Creating A Masterpiece has Core, Drawing, Art in History, and Capstone Levels in their online studios, but for this review I will be reviewing the Art History Program . The Creating A Masterpiece Art History Program is designed to not be a history lesson but to teach students the ability to do art from a certain historical time period. The Art History lessons are broken up until different subject matters:

  • Style of Art in History (25 topic lesson)
  • Historical Themed Projects (8 topic lesson)
  • Exploring the Art of Yesterday (1 topic lesson )
  • Capstone Program (1 topic lesson)

Each Creating A Masterpiece topic lessons is divided into easy to follow step by step instructional video. The instructor is friendly and informative, students can stop the video as they need to as they create. The topic lessons come with a supply list and there is also an option for you to purchase what you need directly by clicking the provided link. Creating A Masterpiece Art History Program is for ages 5 thru 13+. The Capstone program is for more advance art students. The Creating A Masterpiece Art History Program is meant to for students to be able to work independently.

How we used Creating A Masterpiece Art History Program at first I tried to get my son interested in trying out a few lessons. My son choose to do the Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Nomads and the Pop Art: The Flower Pot (Colored Marker) I tired my hand at the Romanesque Period: Rose Window (Colored Marker) . We didn’t need to purchase a lot of the art materials because I have already invested in high quality art supplies, so we didn’t need to purchase. My son enjoyed the Egyptian Nomads piece but he did have to stop several times in order to keep up. He said that he wished that the artist slowed down a little when drawing the nomad. He worked stayed positive and worked his way through the project. Pop Art: The Flower Pot (Colored Marker) project was a little different for him he gave up in the middle after drawing the petals and him and I worked on the project together, so we could complete it.

Romanesque Period: Rose Window (Colored Marker) piece I am still working on it is a pretty intense project that requires the use lots of different straight edges and the use of compass. I think once I am finished it will be a pretty piece. The Styles of Art in History area in the Creating A Masterpiece Art History Program is for ages 5 and up, but I honestly do not see a child of 5 years being able to do the projects unless they are artistically gifted or they like art. Creating A Masterpiece Art History Program I feel like is a really nice art program for students who really have a strong background or love of art. My son was interested in some of the other studio areas available through Creating A Masterpiece .

I would recommend this program for an artistic family I think they would really get the benefits from this program and add it to what they are learning in history. I would have like to seen more cultural art history. At the time of this review monthly or yearly subscriptions for $29.99/month or $299/year. Be sure to check out the other Crews reviews by clicking the banner below.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/createamasterpiece

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyDU-6301Pwj_1Dez9YkumQ

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