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The Critical Thinking Co.™: Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles Review!

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

We are a science loving family, This year we took science to a new level and we are using an box curriculum and the Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles from The Critical Thinking Co.™ is the perfect extra fun we needed.

We were sent the Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles hard copy book for us to review. I have always been a fan of crossword puzzles myself and my son recently has taken a liking to them. Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles are a great way to combine science and critical thinking skills in one. What I love about these puzzles is that they cover topics that we are studying about this year.

Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles cover the the following areas of study:

  • Living Things
  • Earth’s Land, Water, and Resources
  • Weather
  • Our Solar System
  • Matter, Energy, and Forces
  • The Human Body
  • Science and Scientist
  • Inventions and Discoveries

There are 25 puzzles that will help your students learn or review science vocabulary. The book is designed for grades 4-6th and covers basic science knowledge for those grades. You will find that some vocabulary terms your student may know and some they may need to review.

We used the Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles according to what we are studying in our science curriculum. I was really happy to see how well he retained his lessons because he was blazing through the vocabulary. The words he didn’t know the definitions I made note of them and we looked them up later.

Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles include a vocabulary list and answer key in the back of the book. The book is paperback with perforated pages. The company does offer ebook version of the book you can make copies of the pages for your own family use only. I definitely took advantage of this option because will be using this book again another year.

We are taking our time using Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles because I am lining it up with his science curriculum. We are working our way through the animal and mammal currently puzzles. He is really enjoying them and so am I.

The Critical Thinking Co.™ is a wonderful company we have had many of their books in our home and we several we are using also this school year along with the Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles.

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