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Buck Academy: BUCK Making Cents for ages 5-10 Review!

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We received BUCK Making Cents for ages 5-10 from Buck Academy to review. We spent the last 2 years working on financial literacy with our son so he is no stranger to learning about money and how to build financial wealth.

BUCK Making Cents is for ages 5-10 is a hardcover book that is divided into 3 short chapters:

  • Making Cents
  • How Many Cents Can A Buck Buy
  • Memory Bank

The book tells the story about money readers are introduced to the character of the friendly book named Buck. Buck takes your young readers on the adventure of meeting his friend’s the Coins. Kids will learn about their appearance, value, and how they work together to make a buck. Students will also learn a little about the United States and the history of money. The book also tells you about Buck story (dollar bill) and his appearance.

BUCK Making Cents book has a question and answers section to help you review with your student. The book has a nice illustration of a great combination of real money and foil coins. We were also sent the Quick Cents To A Buck activity workbook that is 6 pages and it just reviews the information in the BUCK Making Cents

The Review

BUCK Making Cents the overall book in my opinion is for readers ages 5-7. I think the history part of the book can stretch to 8-9 years, but the book felt like it was geared to younger students. My son found the book a little too easy, this may be because he has been studying money for a very long time and it didn’t interest him. I did find the explanations of the symbols on the back of the dollar bill misinforming and didn’t give an accurate account of the origins of the symbols. I also felt that the mention of two presidents one being a know slave owner as an American hero was a little disheartening for my son to read along with Thomas Jefferson being a famous contributor of the Declaration of Independence that only granted freedom to the colonists but left many Indigenous and Africans enslaved. As a mom of a little Afro-Latino 8-year-old who is well versed in American history those few pages stuck out to him.

BUCK Making Cents is a cute book and does give an introduction to the money I think some of the history areas need more accuracy and the content needs to be sensitive to diverse readers. At the time of this review BUCK Making Cents from Buck Academy is $17.95 including the Quick Cents To A Buck activity workbook.

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