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Online Times Alive Review

My son has been asking for months to learn multiplication and I was a little skeptical because we had just finished learning his math facts to 20 and wasn’t sure he was ready for such a big leap. We received a 6 month subscription from City Creek Press, Inc for their Online Times Alive program which was perfect timing for us to start working on multiplication.

Memorizing multiplication facts can be boring and, for some students, difficult, but with the Online Times Alive subscription from City Creek Press, Inc. students learn math facts by watching videos and practicing math facts. Online Times Alive is based upon the best seller book Times Tables the Fun Way. With colorful characters, songs and catchy rhymes this program was huge hit with my son.

We were given access to both the online version and the app version available on IOS 9 or higher. My son enjoyed playing on both versions. I added Online Times Alive to our daily routine during our math lessons. When students first start the are offered a pretest to take to see what their current multiplication knowledge, you can by pass this pretest if your student has no knowledge. Students will learn multiplication facts from 0-9 in fun lessons. Each lesson follows this pattern:

  • Movie
  • Song
  • Quiz
  • Paint
  • Test (every 4th lesson)
  • Progress Check (reviewing the previous 4 lessons)

There is a wonderful student progress dashboard that records all your students data and allows parents to clear data of any lesson that they would like their child to repeat. What I am liking about the program is the catchy rhymes. My son is also an auditory learner and those catchy rhymes have been a huge hit with him remembering the answers. He has done so well with the program that I went ahead and purchased him a multiplication book for him to work in at his own leisure and Online Times Alive has made learning multiplication a breeze. He asks to play all the time even outside of our math lessons.

The Online Times Alive can be used by more than one student on the same computer. Being able to use it with more than one student is wonderful option for large families. The cost is $9.95 per month with a one time sign up fee of $6.95 that is charged upfront (Use the code lovetolearn to waive the sign up fee).  Cancel at anytime.)You can use it on both Mac and PC and the app is available on IOS of 9 on both iPad and iPhone there are two versions the lite and the full version.

I am very happy we were able to review this program, because I was really trying to figure out a fun way to introduce multiplication to my son. Online Times Alive really takes the stress out of learning multiplication. It allows the student to go at their own pace and build confidence.

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