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Reading Eggs Review

If you have not heard of Reading Eggs this the blog post for you. My son has been enjoying the 4 week free trial the company gave us as well as the 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook. The 200 Essential Reading Skills Workbooks are available in grade K- 5th. The company also has math books available in K-2nd. Be sure to click the banner below to check out the other reviews on the other books.

The 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook is the perfect companion to the Reading Eggs online platform. I was really impressed by the complexity that the workbook covers. The workbook covers 36 weeks of lesson with reviews every 9 weeks. There is a year planner included in the book to help with your planning. Students should spend 15 mins per day working on that days skill.

Students will learn:

  • Day 1 Comprehension Lesson (students can read in the text or locate in the Eggpress online library)
  • Day 2 Comprehension Lesson – Students dig deeper in the previous days text.
  • Day 3 Spelling Lesson – Introduces as spelling rule.
  • Day 4 spelling Lesson – Works on proofreading with the words from Day 3
  • Day 5 Grammar Lesson

What is really nice about having both the book and the online subscription you can use the online to help with interactive abilities as well as instructional. We really found this useful in the Eggpress English Skills platform it provided him with more instruction and practice.

My son is very familiar with Reading Eggs online platform we have used the platform for the last 3.5 years he is bumped up to Reading Eggpress the program. When setting up your account parents are giving the option to start their students with a placement test (highly recommend) or let them work the program from the beginning. The parent dashboard provides you with valuable information about your student such as lexile reading level and progress reports. You will also find a collection of resources in the parent dashboard for homeschoolers.

Reading Eggs has 4 different levels so rest assure your student will do well. Each level is created to work with each child’s developmental needs. There are a total of 12 maps giving students a total of 120 lessons in Reading Eggs. The lessons are engaging and self-paced! Reading Eggpress has a total of 220 lesson and goes up to grade 6.

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Grammar
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Fluency

Reading Eggs provides students with a fun and easy way of learning to read and grammar. My son gets super excited when he is doing his lessons and we always follow-up with 15 mins of online play as well. He says his favorite part is when he is doing the dictionary and the reading the book and answering the questions.

The 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook has made it easy for me to pair it with our homeschool language arts curriculum and add just little more practice and fun to our lessons. I really enjoy the easy to find weekly lessons planner at the beginning of the book because they are so detailed and I can zero in on what I want him to practice. The 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook can be used as is or you can customize your flow. Having the 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook is like bringing the online Reading Eggs to the table.

This mom is very pleased with the 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook and Reading Eggs online platform. We have always been huge fans of the online program and now that the company has a workbook option this is and extra WOW factor and I am loving it and I am looking forward to purchasing the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Third Grade for him next year. Reading Eggs has been gracious enough to provide my followers with a 4 week trial to try Reading Eggs online.

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