Shiftu Oorbot Globe Review

We were sent the Shiftu Oorbot Globe for our honest review. The Oorbot Globe is an interactive globe and app. That is available on IOS and Android and is free to download. The Oorbot Globe is recommended for ages 4 -9 years.

The globe is colorful and lightweight and medium sized. Included in the box is a passport, stamp and stickers. These items are for your student to track their progress as they play. You will need at least 1 GB on your iPhone or iPad if not more in order for the app to work. If you don’t have enough memory for the app you will receive a screen that will notify you.

Even the box says he works for Android you will not be able to use this on a Kindle Fire device…this may include Kids Kindle but since we don’t have Kids Kindle I won’t be able to test this but we did test it on our Kindle Fire and it didn’t work. The company has since disclosed this issue on their profile since we received ours. Android other devices will need at least 3GB in order to use it.

The app has over The interactive component of the globe is to bring to life the special areas on the globe once they are lined up with Star on the globe and tablet. It’s what the company calls “Augmentative Reality” …children can touch the onscreen image and it becomes 3D like and they can learn important information about that region. Not all countries on the continents have interactive ability but there are internal app interactive abilities. The app allows students to go on adventures and solve mysteries, puzzles and travel around the world interactively.

Here is my breakdown:

This is a cute globe for learning about the continents, animals and landmarks. While I think the app would be all that you need in order to learn with because there is an option to use with globe or without globe. My son enjoyed the games and interactive ability.

I was little put off by the memory storage it needs to run successfully on your tablet/iPad. We did experience a lot of app crashes while using it on our iPad, iPhone . We freed up over 2GB of memory just in case and we still had crashes that made my son a little frustrated. As a parent I would have preferred it to able to use on all platform devices especially those designated for children.

I think it is a cute globe and kids will enjoy it. I gave it 3 stars on Amazon because it has a lot of valuable information in the app, I feel like the app needs some bugs worked out. The stamp that is included I don’t think it will survive the life of product. It is a no boarders globe so you will need to open app to see borders. I think it would make a good globe for information while using it along side a traditional globe.

If you are looking for an interactive globe this could be a choice. I would recommend you download the Oorbot Globe app onto your device before purchasing the globe to make sure it will run efficiently on your device. The retail cost of the globe is $49.99 and can be purchased on Amazon and the Shiftu website.

Until Next Time,

Mom and J

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