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The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book #3 and # 4 Review!

Finding clean literature for my son can sometimes be hard for a 6-year-old reader. I was honored when WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Groupsent us The Great Escape (Book #3) and Journey to Jericho (Book #4). This is the third and fourth books in the series, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. We received our books right before lunchtime and I decided we would dive into The Great Escape (Book #3) while we ate lunch. My son is an advanced reader, so the typical leveled books won’t always work for him because they are below his reading level and the books that are on his reading level tend to be too mature in content or they conflict with our parenting. So you can only imagine how grateful we were to receive these books.

What can I say we were hooked and instantly I went on Amazon to grabbed The Beginning (Book #1) and Race to the Ark (Book #2). I was shocked at how good the book was we read 4 chapters in one sitting. My son was so excited to finish it that we finished the book at bedtime. The books are fast-paced and adventurous. They instantly intrigue the reader from the first page.

One of the reasons why I believe my son was enthralled from the start is because of the story  is told through the eyes of the children. One of the main characters writes journal entries about their excursions that we loved reading. The Great Escape (Book #3) takes place during the biblical times of Joesph when the Israelites were enslaved. The children learn about the plagues that God promised and they are able to read and comprehend the story from the perspective of the two main characters who are actually experiencing the events.

In the book Journey to Jericho (Book #4), it starts off as a mystery. Peter arises looking for his sister Mary and the Great Uncle Solomon who are nowhere to be found. Once he finds his sister they learn about Uncle Great Solomon secret life as a spy. The children are intrigued by the secret life as a spy and that’s when another great adventure begins when they are whooshed off 40 years later in Egypt. In Journey to Jericho (Book #4) the kids are working with the Israelites as they now have received Gods promise for a new home in the Promised Land. Peter and Mary begin their new mission to help the Isralites travel passed the city Jericho.  The kids get chased down by soldiers and have to hideout the mountains and desert. One of my son’s favorite parts in the books is when Mary, Peter, and 2 Israelite spies are almost caught in Jericho and are hid by the little girl that Peter and Mary defended against some bullies. My son said, ” They were so brave for standing up for the little girl”. This warmed my heart see that he identified that being a bully isn’t right and that Peter and Mary showed bravery.

In The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls, the kids learn about history, friendship, and character education. These books are a wonderful read for children of any denomination. The books are for ages 6-9 with reading levels of grades 1-3. My son was able to read Journey to Jericho (Book #4). on his own and we used it as our reader’s response lessons for our homeschool lessons. He really enjoyed reading them and learning bits of history along the way. We are looking forward to catching up and backtracking and reading the other books in the series. I highly recommend you check out the The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls.

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The Great Escape & Journey To Jericho {WorthyKids Reviews} 

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