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Excelerate Spanish Streaming Review!

Many homeschool families look to outside resources such as Excelerate Spanish Streaming from Excelerate Spanish to teach a foreign language. As a Spanish speaking family we have always felt it is important that our son learn to speak Spanish. He learned to speak and understand the language but the struggle is learning to write and read the language.

Excelerate Spanish Streaming is exactly what I have been looking for to give us the in class experience. Excelerate Spanish Streaming is a self paced so there is no rush to get lessons completed. You can watch the lessons receptivity if you need and pause and stop to answer questions. Each lesson is about 30-60 mins long and combines 90% immersion learning approach which is something that I feel is the key to learning a language best.

The teacher speaks clearly and she covers proper verb usage and annunciation. Students will learn how to write sentences, grammar and conversations. The teacher also demonstrates lessons using students and props. We used Excelerate Spanish Streaming videos lessons by lining them up to match the Spanish program we have been using. Pairing the streaming videos lessons were perfect because my son was able to interact and be apart of what looks like a traditional Spanish and it was nice that to have someone else doing the teaching beside myself. The language immersion teaching method I really like because I have a bad habit of speaking Spangilsh to my son which can be very confusing when you are trying to teach how to read and write a language. My son also like seeing and hearing the other children in the videos respond and learn along side him.

Excelerate Spanish Streaming can be used by the entire family and I would encourage a parents to learn along side their child if they are wanting to learn a new language as well. The website has helpful resources including games, flashcards and quizzes. Excelerate Spanish Streaming does have a student workbook ($16.95) which I would recommend if you would like to reinforce lessons learned. Excelerate Spanish Streaming is designed so your student will be able to speak Spanish fluently as well as write and read the language.

We received Excelerate Spanish Streaming 1 and 2 streaming video lessons which is a complete year of Spanish lessons at 24 lesson per session. Excelerate Spanish Streaming for levels 1 and 2 streaming cost $249 there is also an option for monthly cost of starting at $14.97. Families will receive unlimited personal support while using the program.

I recommend this program if your family is looking to learn Spanish, the lessons are well done and students will learn to speak Spanish and proper usage. Be sure to chek out the rest of the Crews reviews on Excelerate Spanish Streaming by clicking the banner below.

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