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PRIDE Reading Program Review!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

This year we have really been working on my son spelling skills. He is a decent speller but I felt as if he needed more practice. We are using the PRIDE RED Book Program Kit – Level 3 from PRIDE Reading Program to provide structured literacy and spelling in our homeschool. PRIDE Reading Program is a Orton-Gillingham curriculum that appeals to all children’s learning style. The homeschool curriculum uses a multi-sensory approach to teach reading, fluency, writing and spelling which is how we approach learning in our homeschool.

The PRIDE RED Book Program Kit – Level 3 comes with a student handbook, online teachers teacher guide, white board, PRIDE Sound cards, and PRIDE Letter tiles. The company also provides online parent training and support. There is online placement test that is highly recommended you take before selecting the program kit that best fits your needs. I had my son take the placement test twice on 2 separate days to make sure I was selecting the correct program kit then I made decisions. On the first attempt he scored a 15 which is level 4 on the second attempt he scored 14. I decided to go with the Red level after carefully looking over PRIDE Reading Program scope and sequence at the end of assessment.

The PRIDE Reading Program online training teaches parents how to effectively use the program and is divided into 11 step by step unit video guide how to use the program. If you invest in this program this key to the success of the program. The teachers manual is online and you will need to sign into the website to use while doing your lessons. Each lesson is 9 steps and ends with fun game for students to play at the end.

Teacher Dashboard: Program Training

PRIDE RED Book Program Kit – Level 3 from PRIDE Reading Program has 21 modules that are 3 units and each unit has 9 steps in a lesson. PRIDE RED Book Program Kit – Level 3 from PRIDE Reading Program works on the “long “i” and “e” patterns, vowel digraphs, closed syllable rules(-ind, -ild, -old, -ost) and suffix ed.” I decided on this level because this is area I want to makes sure my son shows mastery for spelling. At the time of this review we have completed 2 modules and have begun module 3 unit 1. Each module unit is broken down into a introductory, practice, reinforcement lesson, We do the program 3-4 days a week as recommended and it takes on average 20- 30 mins.

Teachers Dashboard lesson list
Teachers Guidebook for Lessons

What I like about this program is that it is self paced and uses the multi sensory approach and it works on using phonetics. We are using the program to improve my sons spelling and I look forward to moving him into Level 4 when he finishes the current level. PRIDE RED Book Program Kit – Level 3 from PRIDE Reading Program is $159 for one student. If you are looking for a curriculum for a child that has dyslexia, reading comprehension, and struggling with reading PRIDE Reading Program is a great program. In our case we are using it to reinforce my sons spelling skills. This program appeals to all children so it will work for any child beginning to start their literacy journey. PRIDE Reading Program is one to check out if you are starting your homeschool curriculum planning for 2020 school or you are looking to make a change.

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