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Memoria Press, Prima Latina Complete set Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor compensated in any other way.

My family is no stranger to learning a new language, currently my son has learned two languages and we are exploring our options this year to learn a third. With that being said Latin have been one of the languages I have always been curious about because so many words in English and Spanish have Latin roots. If you prefer a classical education in your homeschool then the Prima Latina Complete set from Memoria Press is a must-have!

For this review we received Prima Latina Complete set is for students grade 1-4, it is faith based curriculum so will see several references in the lesson to faith. There are 25 lesson and each lesson uses 5 of the enclosed flashcards that is sent with the Prima Latina Complete set. Along in the set you will receive a teachers and student manual, DVD, CD and flashcards. In the Prima Latina Complete set students will learn the basic Latin alphabet and pronunciation of vowels. Students will also learn a total of 125 words as well learn numbers up to ten.

Lesson 1

The Prima Latina Complete set also teaches students grammar for the Latin language. We used the curriculum to build my son vocabulary knowledge. My son quickly recognized a lot of words that he knows in Spanish and he made the connection right away with a lot of the words and it made lessons easier for him to work through. I combined Prima Latina Complete set with his Spanish curriculum and that seem to work best for us.

What I like about the Prima Latina Complete set is the vocabulary building skills he has given my son. Learning some of the roots helped him with decoding words he didn’t know and their meanings. We played games with the flashcards in which I would give him the Latin word and he would have to tell me a word in English or Spanish that uses the Latin root and meaning. For families who are using the curriculum in correlation with their faith the DVD and CD provide guidance for lessons and pronunciation, songs and prayers. For us we used it to build his vocabulary skills.

The Prima Latina Complete set from Memoria Press at the time of this review $90.90 plus taxes and shipping. Be sure to check out the other Crews review on Memoria Press other Latin Complete Sets by clicking the banner below.

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