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ThemeVille Math 3 Review!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  

Over the last 2 years my son has started to love all things math related. I love his enthusiasm about math because kindergarten and a little of 1st grade was a bit of a struggle. Now that we are track I am always looking for news ways to expose him to math. Over the last few weeks my son has been working through Grade 3 of ThemeVille Math.

ThemeVille Math is available for grades 1-5th, for this review I will be giving you my impression on grade 3. ThemeVille Math grade 3 comes with one large work-text and answer book. The work- text is thick and pre-hole punched, I personally would have preferred a book this this thickness to be split into two books or come unbound. There are 120 pre-lesson and 120 lesson, there is also a test after every 30 lessons. The pre-lessons are designed to review previous lessons covered except for the first 10 pre-lessons those are reviews for Math 1 and Math 2. I think having the pre-lessons are a great idea before presenting lessons because this ensures that students have mastered the previous lessons before moving on to the new material.

ThemeVille Math Grade 3 covers:

  • Multiplication/Long Division
  • Addition/Subtractions 0-1000
  • Word Problems
  • Time/Temperature/Money
  • Geometry
  • Graphing/Plotting
  • Weight

Each lesson is detailed with presenting the concepts with lots of practice. There also teacher notes at the top of the pre-lesson pages. For the ThemeVille Math Grade 3 parents will need only 9 manipulative and they can easily purchased from the company , I am pretty sure you will have about 90% of them already in your home. ThemeVille Math Grade 3 is common core aligned and the text is in all black and white. This a full math curriculum for grade 3 and would be a great option for new homeschoolers or students who need more guidance with concepts.

So what do I think about ThemeVille Math Grade 3? This curriculum would have been perfect for my back than struggling student in K/1st grade. After flipping through the curriculum I am considering to purchase grade 4 for my son once he finishes his current math curriculum so he can work through over the spring and summer of 2021. I saw a lot of pluses in this curriculum that I feel would beneficial to my son. Another thing I really like is they have guidance boxes for students to do their lesson, this helps keep things nice and neat! The company offers sample pages on the website for you to look over. The curriculum is affordable at the time of this review the ThemeVille Math Grade 3 the work-text $29.85 and the solutions book is $14.85 and if you want to get the manipulatives that can be used with levels 1-3 are $49.95.

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