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Homeschool Court Review!

 Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew

Last year was very eventful, with Covid-19, racial tension, and politics it isn’t a coincidence that my son would become interested in politics and laws and how they work. What really pushed him to want to know more about the laws is when the Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away and we did a unit study on her. The unit study was great because now he wants to know more about the Supreme court and how the judicial system really works. The crew was given the opportunity to review Homeschool Court.

As a group we received :

Homeschool Court Teacher Manual

Homeschool Court Student Worktext

Homeschool Court High School Supplement

Homeschool Court High School Supplement: Teacher Edition

Student and Teacher Case Studies: Forging Moms Signature

Student and Teacher Case Studies: School Prayer

Student and Teacher Case Studies: Dog Bite at the Dog Show

When I first started going over everything I was a bite lost on how I would present this to my 4th grader because it was a lot of valuable information. Homeschool Court provides you with a solid amount of information how the judicial system works. There are 9 chapters in all with the final chapter being the mock trial.

Homeschool Court is recommended for grades 4-12 th grade. We used the Homeschool Court Student Worktext and the Homeschool Court Teacher Manual which is recommended for students 4th-8th grade. We decided to use the Student and Teacher Case Studies: Forging Moms Signature for our study. We are still working our way through the this case study at the time of this review because I honestly want to make sure we had the understanding of the judicial system fully under our belt. My son has really enjoyed learning about the court system and this is doing a great job answering his questions and giving him insight. My son is looking forward to the mock trial his dad has agreed to be the judge.

I really like how the program is laid out because it really lays it all out for you and the student with question and answer exercises and clear explanations. The Homeschool Court does include a chapter in the in the Homeschool Court Student Worktext and Homeschool Court Teacher Manual called Biblical Foundation and Applications that I feel you can easily skip if you don’t want to include a religious study to the curriculum, we did opt to do this.

This is a great curriculum if you are looking to teach judicial law in your homeschool. This would be great preparation for older students who want to pursue a career in law as well. I would recommend making this unit of study because this isn’t a curriculum that you can do over a week.

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