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Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool Review!

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

There is no secret that our family loves music if you follow me on all my social media platforms. One of the ways we make homeschooling fun and interactive is by including music. The crew was offered an opportunity to review Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool. Each reviewer was given a 1-year subscription to acess the program online.

Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool is for children in grades K-6 it covers subjects Timelines, History, Science, Math, English Grammar, Latin, Geography, Hymns, and Scriptures. The program has 4 cycles to help the children build a solid foundation. There is a parent dashboard in which you can track each students progress and interactive quizzes.

For this review we used the Math and English Grammar memory work. The English Grammar section really was nice way to review old concept mastered and new grammar concepts. What I did to make this more helpful for my son is I went through his grammar curriculum and paired the weekly concept with a Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool English Grammar song and we used that all week at the beginning of our lessons. There were times when we had more than 2 concepts and we learned the songs for those concepts. There were a few times I would hear him humming the songs while he was working on his lesson independently. I did notice that over the few weeks have been using the Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool for English Grammar his need for me to review or assist him was less.

For Math, we used Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool in the same way as English Grammar but I was able to skip several of the earlier weeks and find the memory work areas that he really needed help with and this mom was in panic mode about teaching. Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool made teaching my son fraction conversion to decimals a BREEZE! This mama was in panic mode 2 weeks ago when I saw fractions to decimals conversions come up in his curriculum. I prepped for the week and braced for the upcoming lesson, sure enough, I put the song on and we started the lesson and instantly he understood the concept and kept moving along. I think the one thing I would like to see included in the memory work math would be integers and exponents.

Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool does have a Christian foundation, but we only used the math and grammar and for those wondering if there were faith-based items in the sections, we used I didn’t encounter them. There are fun links included in each cycle for the kids to explore outside the memory work. Students can earn badges as they work through the memory work and quizzes.

Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool worked well for my son because he is an auditory and visual learner. The songs are short and easy to learn, I do like the videos that follow the songs as they play because it gives a nice visual for the children. I also like the option that all the memory work can be done in each cycle can be done by the week or you can pick the ones that work for you. I plan to continue to use this over the summer as part of our summer homeschool daily do’s to help prevent summer slide.

Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool is tablet and mobile-friendly “there are streaming channel apps on AppleTV, Roku, and FireTV, which are great for allowing the whole family to easily see the programming content.” At the time of this review, the cost for a 1-year subscription for all 4 cycles is $439.99. If the 1 year subscription doesn’t fit your family’s budget there is monthly and yearly subscriptions for each cycle. Be sure to check out the other crew’s reviews on Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool by clicking the banner below.


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