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BookShark Science Level D Virtual Access Review!

Have you ever wished there was a way you could have all your lessons planned out for you? Better yet are you looking for a way to encourage your student’s independence. BookShark has released their new virtual access for their curriculum. We are given BookShark Science Virtual Access with our Science Level D. Let me just tell you BookShark Science Virtual Access has elevated my homeschool lesson planning to a new level of greatness. The virtual access seat is available at an additional low cost and it is a brilliant add-on.

The BookShark Science Virtual Access includes:

  • Parent and Student Dashboards
  • Assessments and Grading
  • Quizzes
  • Announcements
  • Discussions
  • Pdf Access to Student Activity Sheets
  • Weekly Schedule

I use the virtual parent dashboard to check out the schedule for the upcoming week, post announcements, and check-in his completed assignments. I am also super busy during the week tutoring students, so it is much easier for me to grab my iPad when I am ready to sit down with my son versus my working binder. Super convenient to have my entire binder at my fingers tips with quick login.

The parent dashboard allows me to post announcements and discussions for him to view in the student dashboard. I use the announcement board to welcome him to the new week, list external resources for him to click, and find our in-home resources. On the discussion board, I sometimes post questions about previous weeks’ lessons to check to make sure he has retained the information.

If you are looking for your student to start learning some independence the virtual access allows your student to begin to take their learning into their own hands. The student dashboard is easy for them to manage, as the parent you can set what modules your students have access to. I personally left my student dashboard basic because I didn’t want him to feel overwhelmed.

BookShark Virtual provides the perfect balance of independent and parent-led study.


My son really enjoys using the BookShark Science Virtual Access. He likes the independence it has given him. The virtual access has increased his confidence and increased his executive functioning skills. He loves the announcement board because he can now use all the in-home resources that have been collecting dust.

My son found it easier for him to locate his assignments and external resources that I had added to the announcement board. There were days in which I forgot to write his assignments in his lesson planner and he could use the dashboard on his own. As a busy homeschool mom I found the virtual access just what I needed on those weeks I didn’t get our weekly lesson plans completed. My son loves science therefore making sure I have plans ready for him watch week can be time-consuming.

I can find my lessons on my own and start working on them before my mom is ready to.

-Jaidyn 9

BookShark Science Virtual Access provides excellent video instructions so you can learn how to use the virtual platform. I found these videos helpful along with the BookShark customer service. One of the features I really enjoy is the ability to turn weekly modules on and off. My son is one of those kids that likes to look ahead, so I typically only turn on 2 weeks worth of lessons for him to review.

The virtual access also allows students to be able to answer their experiment questions right in their dashboard. I like this feature, but my son hasn’t taken advantage of it as yet. The virtual access is like a science lesson planner makes life so much easier and helps keep us accountable. I am still learning how to use the parent dashboard, but in the weeks to come I am confident I will discover something new.

The virtual access is available for all the BookShark subjects at a low cost. Using BookShark Science Virtual Access has given me peace of mind, our days are more structured and this has been the first year we have been consistent with our science lessons. If you want to try out the virtual access free for three weeks you can try it out here.

I highly recommend adding the BookShark Science Virtual Access to your BookShark Science curriculum package. You will save yourself a lot of planning time and to be honest with you it is a really fun add-on.

Since previously writing this review of the BookShark Science Virtual Access I have uploaded a video walk-through on how I use the dashboard on our Little Learner and Mom Instagram.

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