Turning Tumble Review!

Complimentary product received from Turning Tumble.

My son is a gamer he loves video games, but we are very cautious about what games he can play. We stick to the Lego games and a few classic games we played as kids on Nintendo.

But what if there was video game that was truly hands on, graphic novel, and computer programming. This game also didn’t require batteries, cords, multiple games and best of all NO SCREENS!!!

Let me introduced you to @turningtumbles a marble-powered computer game. The game is for ages 8 to adult. Players will build a mechanical computers while reading a fun filled graphic novel and solve the logic puzzle missions in order to have their marble-powered computer work.

This sounds easy right? Let me just tell you before I gave the game to my son I was stumped on the first mission. I was almost positive I had it right because all the gears turned correctly and all the marbles reached the bottom without a an issue. I flipped to the back of the book to check my answers and guess what WRONG like my programming was way off!!

Ok, so now it was my son’s turn to have at @turningtumbles. He was immediately captivate by the graphic novel, then he saw the mission objective at the end and he went to work. I literally watched him work the marbled-powdered computer with ease. He tried several different combinations studying where he put the gears until he got it just right. Once he was ready to do the final release we did a countdown and RELEASE!!! Watching that colored marble as it went down ramps, crossovers, bits, interceptors, gears, and gears bits just sent him into pure excitement. When he found out he had it right on the first try he was bragging to his dad how he got on the first try.

The @turningtumbles game comes with comic book with 60 puzzles where your students will join forces with Alia Space engineer to help her get rescued from a deserted planet.

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