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I Know It Review !

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

I Know It is a great way to make math practice fun for your students! We were sent a 1 year subscription to I Know It online digital math supplemental program.

I Know It is a math supplemental program meant to support your current math curriculum. I Know It is for grades K-5 grade there are over 600 math lessons that will challenge your student to review their skills or practice some new one.

I Know It is excellent way to get your students away from traditional book work and doing something interactive. Math is a skill that requires ongoing practice and if your student is like mine he needs to keep his skills fresh. I Know It comes with a full parent dashboard that allows you to set your students grade level, assign lessons and track their progress.

One of the things appreciate with I Know It is being able to look for the skills I want my son to practice instead of having to follow a sequence. My toggles between 4th/5ht grade math so I am able to select skills in both area and assign him. In the progress tracker you can see a lessons complete detail of your students work and how they are doing and what they need to work on. Assigning lesson are super easy, I really like dislike programs that make it so complicated when trying to assign lessons. I Know It makes it easy you just select the grade level and click the check mark in the grade level and your done. Students can follow the sequence of the platform or do the assignments.

Working the lessons in I Know It are simple and to the point, I appreciate at how the program mixes things up as they are presented. The multiplication exercises my son worked on combined word problems, arrays, number sentences, graphs, and pictures. He was able to see all of the ways to solve multiplactions equations, which is very helpful because it is important that he can see all these forms and be able to solve. The cute little character that encourages the kids does all kinds of cool dances and animations. When a student answers a question wrong they are given the correct answer and how it is solved.

I Know It is great online platform for grades K-5 grade it is not a complete curriculum , its meant to be supplementary. This is a great program for practicing skills, and to use on breaks if you would like your student to have practice when they arent doing school lessons. I do wish the kids could log in individually instead of through the main log in, I am hoping the company adds this feature. You can adjust features such as the animations, holiday themes, hints allowed, and students ability to explore on their own.

At the time of this review the cost of I Know It is $45 for a family membership for up to 4 children and $7.50 for each additional child. Be sure to check out the other crew’s reviews of I Know It by clicking the banner below.

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