Elenco Snap Circuit Arcade

Complimentary product received!

If you have stem-loving kiddo who likes to do all things with their hands Elenco Snap Circuits kits are a must purchase this holiday season. We were sent the Elenco Snap Circuit Arcade for use to check out and review.

What is Elenco Snap Circuits?

Let me start this review with my son LOVES all things Snap Circuits! We have had snap circuits in our home since he was 5, so receiving the Snap Circuit Arcade was a fabulous upgrade from his Snap Circuit Pro Kit. What are Snap Circuits? Snap circuits are these cool hands-on designing and electrical circuits that snap onto a snap board. All the snaps fit together on a snap board and they work together to make these awesome projects such as radios, alarms, light shows, and much more. Each kit comes with a manual with colorful instructions with tons of projects for your kids to explore. Kids can also include build their own projects and continue to learn how circuits work.

Elenco Snap Circuit Arcade

Elenco Snap Circuit Arcade is for students ages 8-10 years they will learn about electricity, engineering and complete over 200 projects. The kit comes with 30 snap modules, a word fan, a dual-LED display, and a microcontroller. My son instantly went to work on the many projects. When he was younger we put a black piece of paper under his snap board to make it easier for him to see the grid on the board. He set out all his snaps and spent 2 hours building and playing with his projects. When dad got home from work he was eager to give him a light show with the word fan. His dad was really impressed with his projects and repeatedly ask him did he build these himself. My son was proud of himself for doing 10 of the projects without any assistance from myself as a matter of fact he forbade me to help him.

Mom I got it!!

-Jai, 9

Elenco isn’t just a company that sells products they offer free classes and resources on their website. They have an upcoming class on December 29th for Snap Circuits. Elenco Snap Circuits products include:

  • Snap Circuits (Orignal line)
  • Snap Circuits My Home
  • Snap Circuits Motion
  • Snap Circuits 3D
  • Snap Circuits Bric Structures
  • Snap Circuits STEM
  • Snap Circuits GreenEnergy
  • Snap Circuits Explore Coding (My son is begging for this one)

Final Thoughts

We love Elenco Snap Circuit Arcade and the products we already have from Elenco. I love the companies motto “Learn by doing”, I agree kids learn better by doing. Elenco Snap Circuits products provide a safe way for kids to learn about electrical circuits, engineering, coding, and much more. We will continue to use it in our homeschool as a learning tool and just for fun.

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