Fun to Learn Books: Grammar Galaxy SuperNova Review!

Complimentary product received from Fun to Learn Books.

I am honored that I am able to review Mrs. Melainie Wilson’s newest release SuperNova. You see after my son finished his 1st-grade language arts curriculum we decided to take a trip to Grammar Galaxy and use Volume 1 Nebula. My son really enjoyed meeting the King of Grammar Galaxy and his family. My son embarked on many fun learning adventures fighting the Gremlin.

SuperNova Grade 8

As the years have gone on and we have taken many trips to Grammar Galaxy using Volumes 2-5. We took a little break from Grammar Galaxy and we were happy to see the newest Volume 7 SuperNova . Over the years my son has really shown giftedness in grammar so after looking over the concepts in Volume 6 Nova, I knew right away SuperNova was the perfect placement for him.

How does Grammar Galaxy Work?

Grammar Galaxy teaches children grammar through a story. The kids meet the Grammar Galaxy family and they go on a mission as the guardians to fight against the Gremlin. The Gremlin is notorious for creating mayhem in the galaxy and it’s up to the guardians to keep harmony in the galaxy.

Each chapter includes:

  • Ten-minute reading for parent or child to read
  • 3 Step Mission that takes as little as 15 minutes to complete
  • End of the unit challenge questions

It is very notable that the author of the Grammar Galaxy series is a fellow homeschool mother with 6 children. I love investing in curricula that are written by a fellow homeschool mother because she understands the need to create resources that are fun and don’t mimic traditional learning. Fun to Learn Books provides a placement quiz, scope, and sequence.

SuperNova Volume 7

SuperNova is for grades 8 and up and follows the same layout as the previous levels. Students will learn:

  • Literary concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling strategies
  • Writing and Public Speaking
  • Grammar

There are 4 units with 36 missions with:

  • 2 Literature Challanges
  • 2 Spelling & Vocabulary Challenges
  • 2 Grammar Challenges
  • 2 SuperNova Challenges

Short, comical stories teach concepts in a memorable way. Students discover the havoc that ensues when the evil Gremlin tampers with the English language. Satire get mistaken for news. Dependent clauses and phrases demand their independence. Citizens are asked to stop writing because planet Composition is running out of storage space.

-Grammar Galaxy SuperNova Volume 7

How We Use Grammar Galaxy

We typically use the program after we have finished our spine curriculum, but we also use it when we need to shake things up. What I like about the SuperNova is the introduction to public speaking and writing, both of these concepts are one we need to work on. I would recommend you do the missions in order, but if your child has a strong background in grammar you may be able to extract the lessons you would like to review with your student. With the vocabulary words in each mission, he will write the definition of the word in a notebook and a sentence for each word. Supernova is available as a digital and I plan to purchase the digital reader and cut out the grammar lessons and he glues them in his grammar notebook for reference. We will go back and work on the lessons over the course of the upcoming school year.

Grammar Galaxy is one of those curricula that you can stretch over 2 years, you don’t have to feel pressured to get through an entire book in one year. You can see a full description of the SuperNova on the product page and try out a sample lesson of all 7 volumes.

If you are looking for a relaxed way of teaching grammar I highly recommend trying out the Grammar Galaxy curricula.

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