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CTCMath Review

Math is one of the areas I tend to have anxiety about every school year. This year my son is trying out lessons using CTCMath‘s full math curriculum and I love that we have access to all grade levels with the Family Membership. We were given a 12 month subscription from CTCMath and has been working out great.

As a homeschooling mom it is very important that my son is mastering his early math skills . One of the things I am liking about CTCMath‘s full math curriculum is that it is very detailed and I can see exactly what he is learning in the parent dashboard. There is clear breakdown of each skill area and it’s not just one part of the skill it’s the entire spectrum from start to end. While I know my son loves playing math platforms that have a lot of games and graphics, with CTCMath your child receives a a full lesson of learning without added distractions.

When a student starts any lesson there is an instructional video. Students have the option to re-watch the video before moving on to the actual lesson to demonstrate their understanding. Parents can customize tasks for their student or work the lessons as CTCMath has laid out for their grade. In our case I took advantage of both options because I knew there were skill sets I wanted him to work on for extra practice. Having the ability to fluctuate between grade levels is also a plus because if their skills that your student didn’t quite grasp in the previous year you can have them work that skill.

The parent dashboard is really your best friend in CTCMath because it allows you to be in full control of what and how much your student is learning. . One of things I am really loving is the Question Bank Wizard this feature is EXCELLENT! I love this feature sooo much because I can customize targeted questions for my son. This feature is like breath of fresh air because you can seriously work this to your advantage. You can set the number of questions you want your student to do, time limit and skill type. Then once you generate it you can preview your questions and edit them by adding or deleting questions that may not work. There is even an option to spread the difficulty leveling across your questions. The Question Bank Wizard can be printed or added to task for your student to do on the computer.

So here is the breakdown CTCMath‘s full math curriculum 12-month Family Membership, for up to 5 students will cost your family $148.50 for the year . You will have access to all levels up to Calculus. CTCMath is multi award winning full math curriculum . Parents have complete autonomy of their students learning. You can your students take diagnostic test that will give a you a good idea where your student is academically. There are speed skills for fact and time tables student are encourage to beat their previous scores. There helpful how to videos for parents and detailed instructional lesson videos for the students. Parents have the options to print lessons or assign lessons for their students The Question Bank Wizard feature provides parents the ability to design questions especially for their student . CTCMath‘s full math curriculum can be used as a stand alone curriculum or as a supplement, children are allowed to work at their own pace. Each student can have their own personal login separate from the parents.

We give CTCMath‘s full math curriculum a thumbs up for being a great math curriculum. If you are homeschooling multiple children the price alone will save you hundreds of dollars. You can use this as a supplement or as your spine curriculum.

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