Good-Bye Summer…August Recap!

So August has come and gone, September is approaching and time plan for the next month! What I learned this month is that I like the rhythm we have established so far. We do 3 days of the Knowledge Basket and I have scaled back his work box items by 50%. The scaling back of his work box items was a huge hit because over the last past week I have been doing “White Boards at Night”.

I first saw this idea on Instagram from a fellow homeschooling mama @homeschoolinginthed_ and she wrote a wonderful blog post about it that you can find here. This has proven to be the best swap out ever and he likes it. I think one reason why he likes it is because he is going through an independence stage and this gives him the opportunity to be independent. So White Board at Night is defiantly a keeper this year.

I have also started leaving him notes of appreciation on top of his morning box each day, this has proven to be a major day lifted for him and I get extra hugs when he finds them.

We also started going to Home-school Co-Op 2 days a week. It gives him the opportunity to hang out with other kids and I get 2 hours of down time to plan and have adult conversations. We also relaunched our Little Learner and Mom YouTube this month and have some exciting things coming soon!!

As for J he is progressing well with his math facts and grammar this year so far. We are still working on improving handwriting and writing sentences. He is doing exceptionally well with his reading we have moved into more chapter books on a regular. He recently finished the latest The Bad Guys Book 7 along side his reading buddy from @Melanin_Kids_Book_Club. How we love The Bad Guys Series, it will have you and your child in tears laughing.

For the month of September we will finish up our Safety Unit and then move into Chapters 2-4 of Real Science 4 Kids Biology we will be exploring Cells and Plants. Field trips to the Apple Farm, Zoo and Aquarium are in the plans. We will be doing fun activities about Fall in our Knowledge Basket this month. We are super excited about joining the Deep Space Sparklers Members Club and Chalk pastel this school year for art.

This month we kick off his requested study about Asia focusing on the country of China he so happy about this I let him help me plan this unit study!! We will be using the Beautiful Feet Around the World Part 1 Curriculum the first lesson is all about China!

September is looking really exciting I must say myself, but since we are pretty flexible with our learning at any moment things can do a 180. The best part of September is the anticipation of Fall coming. The warm smell of cinnamon and pumpkin spice is on the horizon. I am happy to see summer leave us but we plan to take one more trip to the pool and run through the sprinklers.

Until Next Time,

Little Learner and Mom

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