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Story Time Chess Review!

Over the weekend we started playing chess as a family. My son immediately took to the game and also took my Knight in the process…😱!! My husband who is already an excellent chess player was happy to join in and gives us a few lessons along the way.

As new chess player I knew I still needed help to teach myself and my son the game when daddy wasn’t around. So, I enlisted the help of Story Time Chess newly launched at home curriculum. I have been watching this company for over a year now and heard such wonderful things about the program. One of the things that appealed to me was the use of literature based learning of the game.

This is from the Story Time Chess website I don’t own the rights to this picture!

Story Time Chess is about the adventures in Chesslandia. The children are engaged in the story from the start. What immediately caught my son’s attention was the humor and the mention of pizza! The kids learn how to play through reading the story of each chess piece. After the children read each chapter of the story they are able to practice what they have learned. Each lesson is broken down into 3 parts Story, Chesserecises and Gameplay. The way the story line is set up so even the youngest player will learn the game and love it.

Here is what I like about it:

  • Literature Based Learning
  • Diverse Characters in the Storyline
  • Storyline easy to follow and provides humor and relatable situations.
  • Each chess piece is given its opportunity to shine.
  • Wonderful Illustrations !
  • Easy to follow lesson plans!
  • Encourages physical movement of the child.
  • Low cost and variety of payment plans.
  • The ability to play without having the actual Story Time Chess Board.
  • Appeals to children younger than 5 years old.

My son enjoyed the story and has already asked if we can reread it again. Here it is Sunday morning and the chess board is already out and set up.

What my son said he liked about it:

  • Funny!
  • Pizza part!
  • Easy to play!
  • Not boring Mom!
  • Chesserercise are the best part!

If you are interested in trying out Story Time Chess click here to register for a free trial. The actual game board for Story Time Chess is available for pre-order on the website. Story Time Chess is here to stay and we look forward to all the upcoming lessons to come with the curriculum.

Until next time!

Little Learner and Mom

*This is my own review and opinion!

1 thought on “Story Time Chess Review!”

  1. Have you managed OK without the game? We are in the UK and with shipping, it is $103, so I am wondering if it is still effective and fun with just the curriculum? Did you create your own figures? Thanks, x


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