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Kids Night In Box Mission Space Review

If you are one of our Little Learner and Mom Instagram followers you know I love pairing our curriculum with unit studies and hands on learning. We recently partnered with Kids Night in Box and we had the pleasure of working through their Mission Space Box. Kids Night in Box is a monthly subscription box service that features an array of monthly themed based activities. Previous themes include finances, manners, gratitude, world community and many more learning experiences. The boxes are meant to be enjoyed as a family and are easy to use. This isn’t your typical box there are several learning activities in each box. The Mission Space box had 6 fun filled space mission and 2 wonderful recipes for us to enjoy.

The Mission Space box was a welcome box for the month of March. We started a new grammar curriculum that paired perfectly with this box. What I really liked is that I was able to extend out grammar lesson with a fun activity from the Kids Night in Box. One day we made the Hot Rockets for lunch and on another day we made the Galaxy Strawberries for dessert after dinner. The reader that is included was a great addition to our bedtime reading time and the reading comprehension questions that are carefully laid out in the training manual by grade level were perfect. One of the missions the children created Rocket Art Work and there is an educational art link provided for your child to watch a step by step easy to follow tutorial. The space themed yoga cards provided were an perfect ad in to our mindfulness time in the morning. My son was super excited about tasting the freeze dried ice cream sandwich this activity sparked all kinds of questions and learning opportunities. I was equally impressed that one the missions was S.T.E.M (science, technology, engineering, math) related.

One of things I really enjoyed is that I didn’t have to purchase any outside supplies. Every thing needed was inside the box. At the end of all 6 mission my son was able to complete his space passport and their was certificate of completion . These boxes are great for homeschooling, family night and extended learning. In this box there was 6 missions and 2 optional recipes so in all you receive 8 activities. The company also included suggestions to continue your learning in the training guide.

Kids Night in Box comes with several different subscription options you can pick which one best fits your family. The company also has faith based boxes available. Orders for the upcoming April box need to be submitted by April 13th 8pm E.T. All boxes will be shipped April 16th-21st. The April box theme is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle we are looking forward to this new box.

If you are looking for something new to add to your homeschool or activities for the upcoming summer days to help prevent that summer learning slide, try out Kids Night in Box .

Be sure to check out the unboxing video on Little Learner and Mom Youtube channel.

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