Reduce Reuse Recycle Kids Night In Box!

I love Spring time, it just something about it that makes me want to reorganize the house and donate items that we no longer use. So with spring cleaning in full effect, and so much talk about Earth Day I was trying to figure out what could we do for Earth Day this year. Then it hit me our new Kids Night In Box was coming!

This year I wanted to make our spring cleaning purposefully and with this in mind I thought it would be a perfect time to do a mini unit on Reduce Reuse and Recycle. Who better to help me teach such a valuable life lesson than the April Kids Night In Box “Reduce Reuse Recycle”. The box was just what we needed for our mini unit!

April’s Kids Night In Box was perfect, it came with 7 activities for us to do and a cool book and special treat for him to enjoy. That special treat lasted a very short time and has since been added to our grocery list by special request. A complete unboxing of the awesome goodies in this box can be found on our Little Learner and Mom Youtube channel.

My son enjoyed reading the book and working on the recycling activity first then we enjoyed painting flowers on used newspaper. Bubbles are always a huge hit in our home and the Upcycled Bubble Blower activity didn’t disappoint.

So what did he learn from our mini unit using the Reduce Reuse Recycle Kids Night In Box. He learned what it means to recycle and why we should. We explored learning that everyday items we may think are trash can actual be upcycle for art projects or repurposed. He also learned that not all things can be recycle and how to properly sort recycle items into 4 different categories. He made us some delicious green smoothies that will also be in heavy rotation in our home.

You know that special treat that he gobbled up super fast? It was an Envirokidz chocolate bar and we learned about how that company donates 1% of it sales to support endangered animals. This sparked an entire new conversation about helping endangered animals and people. So now he has decided his new service project is to volunteer at our local food bank and this summer we will making lunches at the YMCA for needy kids!

This one box has inspired my son to give back to the community and be more conscious about the planet. This is one the reason why I love this box is because it is “inspired by real life parent adventures.”

It’s not too late to get your own Kids Night In Box. The new May box ships out May 16th-21st. All orders have to be placed by May 13th!

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