The Family Journal by Byron’s Games Review

Disclaimer: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We received The Family Journal by Byron’s Games to use for the last few weeks and it has been a real eye opener. I love this journal it was so needed for our family. The Family Journal is a great journal if you are a busy family or large family and want to plan out family quality time and you want a deeper connection with your family. The Family Journal is meant to be done as a family its not a solo journal.

We received our journal just in time for the month of February, I was really happy to get this journal because my family has really been so much this year and I really wanted a way to help us heal from 2020. When I first received the journal I was super impressed by all the personal connections. These personal connections were s needed for us. We all have been dealing with the affects of Covid-19 and family deaths in our own way and I could feel the disconnect.

What makes this The Family Journal so unique is the deep connection questions. We have always had a mission statement for our homeschool, but we have never had one for us as a family. It was fun being able to sit down as a family and talk about what our mission is for our family.

Sunday Family Coloring Night
Family Drag Race Fun!

In The Family Journal families will embark on a journey of deep connection and accountability. The Family Journal comes with these areas to work on as a family:

  • Yearly Goals
  • Monthly Planning
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Monthly Review

Our family set down after dinner on February1st and planned out the entire month of goals for us as a family and individually. The Family Journal makes it easy for families to set goals and help each other with our goals. On the monthly calendar we wrote down activities we wanted to do each week as a family. The monthly calendar is really helpful because it held my husband and I accountable. We made it a point to shut work related and stressors down. We all really looked forward to these activities, because that meant cellphones were off and it was all about us as a family. My son really liked the calendar as well because he would check the journal each week and copy down in his own planner that weeks fun family activity.

Game Night

The weekly meetings were FABULOUS we always had our meetings on Sunday nights during our family Sunday night coloring sessions. Complete with talking points, gratitude journal and quotes this made our family meetings more connected and meaningful. We found out so much about how our son was really coping with Covid-19 and the loss of his grandmother. My husband and I had no idea that he was still grieving the loss of his grandmother and that he was afraid to talk about it because he didn’t want to make us sad. The Family Journal also allowed my husband and I a new way to communicate with each other. The end of the month review was a way for us to see if we were holding each accountable for the month and just an overview. I was really impressed that we did so well at our goals.

Planning for March

I can highly recommend The Family Journal by Byron’s Games for any family. The journal is great way to improve your families accountability and quality time. We will continue to use the journal for the rest of the year I am really thinking about getting us another one just so I will have it already on hand for 2022.

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