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The Crafty Classroom Superstar Spelling Review!

Disclaimer: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Spelling is not my kiddos favorite subject as much as he loves to read him and spelling have still yet to become best friends. We currently have a spelling curriculum that we use and I really love, but my son says he wishes it had some more fun interactive spelling activities. The crew was given the opportunity to review several of products from The Crafty Classroom and I chose to review the Superstar Spelling K- 5 curriculum.

Our family no stranger to The Crafty Classroom we have used several of the companies products, one of my favorites is Interactive Math: Kindergarten . We have used almost everything the company has published over the years. The Crafty Classroom Superstar Spelling K- 5 curriculum brings the same fun graphics and variety. What I like about this curriculum is I can add my OWN WORDS ….you have no idea how grateful I am that this curriculum is editable. Just being able to plug in my son weekly spelling words is a true blessing, because a lot of digital curriculum you have to use their word list.

So here is the breakdown Superstar Spelling you plug in your own words and they are generated into the different lessons there is a 20 word limit. The program is designed to be used over a 5 day school week. The words are organized into 4 blocks of 5 and the lessons are clearly marked by blocks. What I did for my son was I gave him a pretest using the included pretest sheets on Mondays. Any words he got wrong those were the words I plug into the curriculum and printed out those activities for him to complete.

My son really only having to really study the words he didn’t know how to spell. Then there is what is called the Starting Line-Up I love this concept because it was really motivational for him because he could clearly see what he knew, warm up words (words he can learn quickly), workout words (words that will give his brain a workout), and the challenging words (words that were going to be the most difficult to learn) . I really like this concept because my son didn’t feel overwhelmed, but motivated.

The Crafty Classroom Superstar Spelling comes complete with games, worksheets, centers, assessments, and review. The program appeals to all learning style and makes it easy to just plug in your words and print. The program completes any spelling curriculum or can be used alone with your own personal word list. If your student is a traditional student you can also benefit with from this curriculum because you can but a twist on studying spelling words with your student. With over 30 pages of activities you are bound to find something your learner will love. My sons favorite activity was the Tic-Tac-Toe.

After using The Crafty Classroom Superstar Spelling I can honestly say my son and spelling have become better acquainted and I will continue to use this the rest of the school year and the upcoming year.

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