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It’s NOT Greek to Me…Review!

 DISCLAIMER:  I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Have you ever struggled with the meaning of words or do you have student that is getting ready to prepare for college entrance exams. One of my most memorable lesson in high school was learning how to decode words using their roots, prefixes and suffixes. I have been reviewing over the summer vocabulary resources I would like to use with my son to get an early start on vocabulary building. One of the resources I was fortunate to be sent is It’s NOT Greek to Me! from Ready to Teach to review with the crew.

It’s NOT Greek to Me! is a vocabulary building curriculum that uses Greek morpheme. What is a morpheme “A morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning in a language. We often call them roots, prefixes, and suffixes.” Students will work on the first set of 140 in It’s NOT Greek to Me! Students will embark on a fun-filled adventure of vocabulary building, with the use of historical background information. It’s NOT Greek to Me! includes stories, comics, coloring, flash cards and colored power point lessons for each lesson.

It’s NOT Greek to Me! curriculum comes with:

  • Instructor Manuel comes completed with 126 pages of 12 lessons, introduction, lesson plans, flash cards, answer key, lesson and review test.
  • Student Book with 12 lessons, colored blank flash cards, Greek morpheme index
  • Book binder ring
  • Paper hole puncher
  • Flash drive -Power Point Lessons

It’s NOT Greek to Me! appeals to all the different learning styles. The curriculum is meant for students in 7th -12 grade. My son is in 4th grade so we did the lessons together and because the curriculum is meant to be done at student own pace we can take our time. Students are able to learn a little historical information about they the Greek system. I did see mentions of Egyptian contributions it would have been nice to see more historical accurate information. The power point lesson were vibrant and my son enjoyed those they helped him better connect to the curriculum. I do like that there are review after every 2 lessons.

Students will work on :

  • Vocabulary building
  • Context clues
  • Creating words
  • Analyzing words

It’s NOT Greek to Me! is a nice curriculum if you are looking for an exciting way to teach roots, prefixes and suffixes. We found it enjoyable and we probably put this in our rotation as we continue to home school through out the years. Be sure to check out the other crew’s reviews on It’s NOT Greek to Me! from Ready to Teach by clicking the banner below.

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