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Eat2Explore Review!

Disclaimer : This is a contribution post for the Melanated Gold Review Squad all the statements are my honest review and products were purchased with my own money.

Cooking is a favorite activity in our home and anytime I can pair a unit study with a Eat2Explore box I jump at the opportunity. When the Melanated Gold Review Squad was given the opportunity to review Eat2Explore I was more than happy to contribute to the team. We have been Eat2Explore subscribers since 2019 and we really enjoy receiving these boxes. Eat2Explore is an award winning culinary box subscription for families. The boxes are sent out monthly or you can select individual boxes to purchase. Families are taken on a culinary adventure to learn about the country of interest . I love when these boxes arrive, they smell so good. The authentic smell of spices kickstart your adventure and then you dig into the box and find all these exciting cooking supplies and lessons.

Each Eat2Explore box comes with:

  • 3 Recipe Cards
  • Spices/Sauce/Grain Mixes
  • Shopping List (LOVE THIS!!!!)
  • Informational Country Card
  • Educational Lessons
  • Special Cooking Tools
  • Country Passport

I love how the company uses stickers on the outside of the box to remind you what country you are visiting that month, this makes for easy organization. Can you believe you get all those items in that one box, just add the fresh ingredients needed. Eat2Explore offers a option to reorder the spices, sauce and grains. We loved the Ethiopia box so much we defiantly took advantage of the box refill option. Having the option to order extra supplies is great if you have a large family or just don’t want the hassle of trying to find the spices yourself. We are a family of 3 and boxes can feed a family of 4. The company does offer vegetarian option boxes and the boxes are easily modified to fit your dietary restrictions.

How I Use:

We use the Eat2Explore as part of any of our geography unit studies. I look to see if we have a box to that fits our geography unit study. If we dont have a box I look for a box in the region of study. We have several of the boxes on hand but there have been a few times I needed to grab a box from the Eat2Explore website. Eat2Explore has excellent customers service and shipping time. We dont cook all three recipes in the boxes every unit study, Let him pick which one he wants and we plan the day for cooking. The recipes we love we keep them in rotation for our monthly “International Dinner Night” and I purchase a spice package from the company. The Eat2Explore boxes adds that extra twist to our units and we look forward to trying new foods and learning about the culture and foods. There have been a few boxes we have had to add some extra seasoning to it for our own taste.

In April we cooked from Singapore box and made the Soy Chicken for dinner and the Ethiopia box is serious hit in this house. My son is learning about Kenya this month so we will taking out our Kenya box picking a something to make. One of the biggest reasons why we have continued to patronize the company is their commitment to detail and diversity.

Eat2Explore boxes can be purchased in bundles or annually subscriptions, the monthly cost of boxes are $24.95 plus shipping. You cancel or pause your subscriptions at anytime, the company also has an add on binder to help you store your recipes. September box is Israel and the October box is Singapore.

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