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Generation Genius Home Kit Review !

We are testing out science kits for the upcoming school year. Generation Genius Home Kits are at the top of our list. This fun-filled box has everything. My son loved it!

If you aren’t familiar with Generation Genius are online science platform for grades K-8 grade. They follow almost 100% of all the state standards. The company is also partnered with National Science Teaching Association.

The online video platform covers topics for science and math depending on your subscription choice. Subscription also includes

  • Lesson Plans
  • Vocabulary
  • Test and Quizzes
  • Reading Materials
  • Projects

New Home Kits

The company recently released its own Generation Genius Home Kits to be delivered to your house once a month for ages 9-14. This is a separate subscription available monthly or yearly. Each kit contains 3 high-quality experiments with all the supplies you need. Experiments are fun and comprehensive. Your student will engage with Jeff as he walks your student step by step through what they are doing including safety precautions and self-pausing in the video so your students can gather supplies and complete each step. The videos also include an explanation of the science topic covered.

The Review

We are long time customers of Generation Genius since they first launched. My son has always loved their videos and they were a great supplement when we were still trying to figure out the science curriculum in our early days of homeschooling. I was surprised when opened the box at the quality of the materials. My son instantly started pulling things out of the box and was ready to work.

It was close to dinner time and I didn’t want my son on a screen so I told him to grab the box and work on an experiment. While I cooked dinner he set up like Steve instructed and he only needed my help with putting his gloves on. Well, I was nosey and I wanted to see what the box was about because my son started saying “This is cool” and “Wow”. So I turned off the tacos and went sat in and watched. Umm, I was totally JEALOUS I wanted to do the experiment too.

My son worked on experiment #1 in the kit and wanted to do the next one. I encourage him to pace himself and do another one the following week. He agreed but not before I promised that we would get the Generation Genius Home Kits monthly. I happily agreed because the cleanup was fast and simple and Jeff even walked them through cleaning up. The one experiment had 3 activities for my son to do. In my honest opinion if we can do 3 activities from 1 experiment the cost is well worth it.


Generation Genius Home Kits start at $49 and the online platforms start at $95. Right now at the time of this review, you can get your first kit free just pay to ship.

I highly recommend this kit if you are looking for a quality science kit. The materials are quality and your kids will be amazed at the experiments.

Mom and J!

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