The Monkey and Mom Moon Homeschool Planner Review!

We were sent Moon Homeschool Planner from Monkey and Mom for our honest review! This post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you.

J the Middle Schooler!

Hey everyone it is me J and I am guest writing on my mom’s blog today. So my mom and I have been looking at different planners for me for middle school. My mom reached out to her blogger friend Laura at The Monkey and Mom and she sent us her undated Moon Homeschool Planner. I know why I need a planner I am a kid, but I do need one especially since I am moving into middle school.

I have a planner now, but my mom said we need to upgrade to a new one for me because she writes big and she wants me to have everything in one place. Lately, my mom has been using those longer post it to write my assignments because I use different books. I like the sticky notes but I think it can be a waste of paper and get expensive. So it is time for an upgrade I said for the new year.

So here is where Mrs. Laura’s planner comes in. Mrs. Laura’s academic planners you can pick from undated and dated planners. She has fun kid colors and you can decorate the pages the way you like them. I do not like a lot of information pages and stuff and this planner doesn’t have a lot. So here are the things that I like about Mrs. Laruen’s homeschool planner:

  • The weekly layout has check boxes and room to write all my extra books
  • Having my own calendar so I am not late for my online classes.
  • Password section so I don’t have to ask Mom anymore.
  • The pages are the same and not overwhelming.

Here is what my mom had to say about the planner!


I hope you all are enjoying having J guest write on the blog, we are trying something new. Oh, now you homeschool moms already know I am using this as typing, grammar, and writing practice! So like J said he needs a planner upgrade this year and we are on a search. I really like the planner from The Monkey and Mom, thanks Laura for sending us to check out. There is lots of room to write notes, and the planner is kid friendly. One of the things I really like about this planner is that it is versatile. What I mean by this is that I can plan out our year in this planner and it doubles as a kid’s planner for your student. So here are my other likes:

  • Great paper quality
  • Sturdy binding (easily can be converted into a spiral or arch)
  • Multiple sections for a discipline if you are using more than one resource
  • Inexpensive and available on Amazon

Laura has a great video on her Youtube to walk you through setting up the planner and how she sets up her school year. She also offers printable stickers for you to download for free so you can decorate the planner. The biggest plus for me about this planner is the idea you can share this planner with your student as their own planner once you set it up. I watched her planner video showing you the difference between undated and dated planners. Moon Homeschool Planner is a great option for moms looking to upgrade their student’s current planners.

J the Middle Schooler!

I hope you like my first review, well my first written review because I help my mom with a lot of her reviews. My mom said due to copyright issues and preserving Mrs. Laura’s content that we are not going to post a lot of pictures. So please go to Mrs. Laura’s website The Monkey and Mom and check out the awesome pictures she has posted. Also don’t forget the youtube channel as well. There are many covers to pick from and you are bound to find a cover you like. I recommend The Monkey and Mom Moon Homeschool Planner for your kids and you and be sure you share this planner with your kids if you get it because they will like the idea of being in charge of their homeschool also.

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