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The Schoolnest History Notebook and Timeline Review!

Last year when my son and I were studying voting rights I remember the frustration I had writing down the timeline of the sequence of events on our board. I wanted him to have a visual keepsake of this important historical time period. So on our little whiteboard, I squeezed as much as I could and left it up there for a week as we studied. When it came time to erase it I took a picture of it and went on a hunt to find a way to record things for our history. What I was finding I wasn’t happy with so our timeline would have to live on my phone in the meantime. Then it happened The Schoolnest published a History Timeline notebook.

About The Schoolnest

Megan is a Michigan homeschool mom of 2 littles who is bringing love for learning through art, nature, creativity, and reading. Her approach to education is respecting the beauty of childhood and play. You can’t help but notice how she embraces Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, and Montessori philosophies in her homeschool. Her website is full of beautifully crafted simple journals, notebooks, and homeschool resources. She also writes a wonderful blog that is full of helpful ideas for parenting, homeschooling, art, and mindfulness. All are welcome on The Schoolnest website and blog, I found several diverse blog posts and literature recommendations.

I was so happy when Megan the founder of The Schoolnest launched her rainbow notebooks, from the first glance on her Instagram I knew I had to have them all. I purchased several of the notebooks for our school year then she published her History Timeline and it blew me away because it was exactly what I needed.

History Notebook and History Timeline

The History Timeline notebook is one the most unique books I have seen. The notebook gives you the ability to track history from:

  • Prehistory
  • Ancient
  • Middle Ages
  • Early Modern
  • Modern Times

What I feel like is a great family heirloom in History Timeline, is the beginning pages called “My History” I love these pages because we can record our family history and document things we felt were important to us during a year. The paper quality is excellent there are 115 pages and there are blank pages at the end. The entire is book is grid paper except for the dates, there is also B.C.E-C.E also included. There is plenty of space to write and post pictures, drawings, and clippings for creativity. The grid paper is excellent for writing and helping students contain their writings neatly. What I like about this timeline notebook is that it is just that a notebook. I can keep everything contained neatly in one spot and it is easy to flip through and we can use this 1 notebook over a long period of time.

The History Notebook is great for notebooking. We have used ours to notebook our unit study of Mesoamerica and currently, we are working on Ancient China. We study so much history in our home and notebooking has allowed him to have fun with notebooking. In the history notebook, there are 100 pages on the left page is 1/3 blank and the rest of the page is a grid. On the right side, the bottom is lined and the top is blank. There is a blank table of contents page and a study reference page. Kids can draw, color, cut and paste, make notes, and be creative. We have added pictures and written notes in our history notebook and added notebook printables. The paper quality is excellent, writes, glues, and colors smoothly.

Rainbow Notebooks

If you are looking to explore the other notebooks in The Schoolnest collection you will not be disappointed. So far we have collected:

  • Science
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Commonplace
  • Project Planner
  • Reading Journal
  • 4th Grade

All of the notebooks come in 12 vibrant rainbow colors, 8.5 x 11, matte softcover, and superior binding. The Schoolnest notebooks are inexpensive ($8) and can be purchased from Amazon. If you are in the market for a planner The Schoolnest has you covered she has a Homeschool Lesson Planning Notebook, you can check out a review of this great planner on Brittany Olga Youtube and Home Life with Quin 5 Instagram (Planner and Reading Journal) and check out Mama Sweet Baby (Spelling Notebook).

The Schoolnest notebooks are a must-have for your homeschool if you haven’t checked them out I highly recommend you do. We love our notebooks and I am looking forward to seeing any new books The Schoolnest publishes.


Mom and J

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Home School in the Woods-Make A State Activity Pak Review!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

History and geography still remain to be my favorite subjects to teach my son. I try to really bring these lesson alive with hands -on materials. We also like to be able to reflect back on things we have previously study and having keepsakes. With products like Make-A-State Activity-Pak (grades 3-8), Home School in the Woods makes it easy to add hands-on state geography to our studies.

The Make-A-State Activity-Pak comes complete with everything you need to make informative lap book for you and your student to enjoy. Students will explore the state they choose in depth. Each lap-book can include, geography, government, industrial facts, agricultural, landmarks, key facts, mottos and native tribe. The Make-A-State Activity-Pak also goes several steps further to let students design postcards from the state as well as try recipes that are state favorites. There are so many more inclusion in this lap book one could really have a great time just trying to figure out what you want to include, so pace yourself.

We decided to start our study with West Virginia we are studying about Katherine Johnson and she was born in West Virgina and I thought it would be a great addition to our studies and help us knock out geography at the same time. You know I am always thinking about all inclusion when I plan so the Make-A-State Activity-Pak fit right in. My son loved making the pepperonr rolls which are featured in the recipe card box for this state.

West Virginia Postcard

Make-A-State Activity-Pak also gives the freedom to add as much information or as little to the lapbook as the student and parent would like. The lap book really just lets the student dig really deep into the states history. Students will also be able to experience the states complete statehood. This is truly a comprehensive lap book and in my honest opinion United States curriculum. Parents can pull out all kinds of supplemental items to add to this and engage their students into some real research.

Make-A-State Activity-Pak is for grades 3-8 but I could really see using this with 1st and 2nd graders as well and let them build the lapbooks as they move along in grades. I am going to let my son continue to add on to his lapbooks as he progresses. This is a really fun way and interactive way to do geography without felling like you are limited to textbook information.

At the time of this review Make-A-State Activity-Pak is $18.95 and is available as a digital download. I feel like the cost is very reasonable if you are looking for a relaxed USA geography lapbook for all 50 states. You can go at your own pace and you can design your lapbooks the way you want them. We will be using the Make-A-State Activity-Pak for our 3rd grade school and I highly recommend you check it out.

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